What can and cannot be done on Telegram Web compared to Telegram on mobile

Today we are going to talk to you about Telegram Web, the version of the well-known messaging application that works directly in the browser, without the need to install any application on the PC or mobile.

Telegram Web is fully functional, although it does not offer exactly the same as in the mobile version of Telegram. Here we tell you what you can and cannot do with the Telegram version for the web, unlike its mobile app.

What you can’t do with Telegram Web

We start our count with what you can’t do with Telegram Web. When it comes to talking about the strengths and weaknesses of the web version of Telegram, we will stick to the main functions of the application.

The first absence is evident: registering a new user account. Telegram accounts are linked to phone numbers and the web version of the application only allows you to log in with an account that has already been created beforehand. You must also confirm your identity by entering a code before starting to use Telegram web.

Another difference that is obvious when using Telegram Web as opposed to the mobile application is the amount of things you can send to a chat. The list is much more limited than on mobile, so you can’t send:

Telegram web has considerably fewer options than the mobile version, and that also applies to groups. You can participate in groups perfectly, but you can barely manage them, no ability to modify administrators, descriptions or other advanced group management options.

By last, Telegram Web settings it is much more simplified than that of the mobile application. It only consists of a few sections to configure notifications, while the Telegram app has extensive notification, privacy and customization options.

Speaking of personalization, Telegram Web does not support at the moment issues and therefore does not have a dark mode. You also can’t configure the appearance of chats and it doesn’t support recently added giant 3D emojis.

What you can do with Telegram Web

Now we will do the reverse review: what you can do in Telegram Web. To start with, the obvious: log in with your Telegram account and access chats from any PC, without having to keep the mobile connected as it happens with WhatsApp Web.

We saw before that the web version of Telegram limited what you could send to a chat in relation to the web application, but the basics are there. This is all you can send with Telegram Web:

  • Messages, formatted (bold, italic, etc.)
  • Files and photos.
  • Voice Notes.
  • Stickers and emojis.

Telegram Web is a bit rougher than the mobile application and does not support the use of gestures to respond to specific messages, although the functionality is still there. Thus, by selecting a message (by clicking on it) you can forward it, delete it or reply to it, just like in the app.

Although the management of groups and channels is much more simplified in Telegram Web, consult and participate in groups and channels it is entirely possible, although content submitted by bots might not be available. What you can do is create new groups.

Finally, we cannot forget that in Telegram Web you can view your account contacts and start a chat with each of them. Contact editing features are limited, but you can at least delete contacts from your account.

As it can be difficult to keep track of what is possible and what is not, here you go a comparative table listing what is possible and what is not. Keep in mind that Telegram updates its apps frequently, so it may not take long for the list to change.

What you can’t do

What you can do

  • Register a new account
  • Send photos with the camera
  • Send animated GIFs from a bot
  • Schedule messages
  • Send silent messages
  • Send location
  • Send surveys
  • Send contacts
  • Send music
  • Send video clips
  • Submit bot content
  • Manage groups
  • Customize the interface
  • Adjust advanced options
  • Login with your account already created
  • Send formatted messages
  • Send files and photos
  • Send voice notes
  • Send stickers and emojis
  • Forward, reply, and delete messages
  • Consult and participate in groups and channels
  • Consult and edit contacts

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