In this section, we let the PU editors speak every month about what they have played in the past month. They’re like gamers, those PU editors!


This month I put a lot of time into two games that I check for my Serial: Guild Wars 2 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. For my Serial I investigate what has changed in these somewhat older MMOs since the launch. You can read what my findings about Guild Wars 2 are here.

The feature about Star Wars: The Old Republic is planned for next month. Since you haven’t checked an MMO in a week, I started playing again more than two weeks ago. Until about five years ago I played SWTOR quite fanatically. Loved the narrative quests and had a great time with my Sith Sorcerer. This time I chose a character on the Light Side: a Jedi Shadow. Even now I am having a good time. Although I must say that the gameplay for an F2P player is quite limited. For example, I can’t even wear purple gear … You can read what that does for my final judgment on December 6! / endpromo


November started with the completion of Dragon Quest XI, after which I went straight to Red Dead Redemption 2. I’m a little less enthusiastic than the average player about this western epic, but it’s a very impressive game nonetheless. From the beautiful, almost photorealistic nature to the gripping story (the best Rockstar has written to date) about Arthur Morgan. RDR2 is definitely an unforgettable experience; I just wish I liked the gameplay a bit more. Everything controls quite clunky and I also find the story missions disappointing. Four out of five get bogged down in shooting tents, although the fifth is usually so memorable that I keep playing. The music, sound effects and voice acting are unparalleled, as used to from Rockstar.

I end the month with the first few hours in Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee. What a wonderful game again! I am pleasantly surprised how well the Pokémon Go capture mechanics work within the classic JRPG structure. In many ways, it now looks more like the cartoon series than ever before. I do find it bizarre that I cannot use normal controls in docked mode, while I can in handheld mode. Mandatory motion controls! It seems like the Wii era again …


First of all, a confession: I only got to Chapter 3 of Red Dead Redemption 2 … Wtf, I hear you think – don’t you think it’s a cool game? On the contrary guys! I enjoy the whiskey and horse drenched world of RDR2 so intensely that I will wait until next month to do the actual live-in work. Then I’ll chill in France for two weeks, bring the Xbox with me and only open when Megan Fox is at the door.

What did I play this month? Just Cause 3, among other things, to prepare me for the review of part four. I also regularly put the HD remake of the Splinter Cell trilogy in my PS3, and in FIFA 19 I have moved up to D2 with only Dutch footballers. Now adding Johan Cruijff to my team and I am a happy (and probably poor) man.


I literally only played Red Dead Redemption 2 this month. I started at launch – locking myself up in the house for an entire weekend – and put in quite a few hours over the course of November. I’m close to the end of the game, but somehow I can’t bring myself to finish it. Then I’d rather drive around and discover fun things in this super interesting game world. Still, I have to do it once before I lose my attention and the game remains unplayed forever. It wouldn’t be the first time …

I also bought a PlayStation VR helmet during Black Friday week with Resident Evil 7, AstroBot, Tetris Effect and Farpoint. I also do not want to buy Superhot (it was not in stores) and Rez Infinite (you can only physically order it on a certain website), but for now I am happy with this. In the office I have played with virtual reality before, but I never really felt the need to buy a helmet. The price (200 euros) just felt right now and the range of games is starting to become attractive. I am therefore very pleased with it!


While everyone played the blockbusters this month, I mainly focused on the remakes that came everywhere in between. First it was Spyro Reignited Trilogy, a game full of colors, which I think could have been a bit more difficult. And how often are those characters going to explain the same thing to you fifteen more times? Captain-obvious-one after another came by, which even if you’re a cute dragon is just really annoying. Nothing but praise for this remaster, because Toys for Bob has completely rebuilt the three games and they remain very epic.

Spyro just finished, then it was time for my favorite LEGO game, with which I could spend a few days at Hogwarts as a wizard. What a wonderful collection of games the LEGO Harry Potter Collection is. It’s just a shame that not much has been done for the remake, but that great music, good atmosphere and funny LEGO humor is spot on in this game. Plus, the latest LEGO games can be a little hard to follow at times, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the games, so hopefully LEGO Harry Potter can help people go back to basics a bit. And, not unimportantly, the dynamic split screen is back in co-op: I missed it!


Horseback riding, bounty hunting, animal hunting … last month I spent the necessary hours in Rockstar’s newest sandbox. In addition, I was also able to purchase a PlayStation VR this month. What a cool thing! I have a nice list of titles I want to try out, but this month I mainly played Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, Superhot and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission. Also, after a few weeks of withdrawal symptoms, my gaming PC was fixed and I was finally able to play another game in Overwatch. Now see if I can find two extra 144hz monitors somewhere for a bargain price during Black Friday and then my setup is complete.


For someone who was sooo incredibly hyped for Red Dead Redemption 2, I put a remarkable amount of time into other games this month. For example, Rayman Legends was of course ‘mandatory’ for the latest part in the Oog voor Detail serial. Sounds like I did that reluctantly, but nothing could be further from the truth. What a great platformer! In addition, I now let myself be hypnotized by Tetris Effect every day.

How far am I in Red Dead Redemption 2? Only in Chapter 2. Yep. While the game itself is quite slow, I’m probably going to do it a bit slower than the rest. This is mainly because I can only really enjoy a game like this when I can put many consecutive hours into it. And I haven’t had much of that chance in the past month, with a trip to New York and other distractions in between. Hmm, speaking of New York, maybe I should get into Spider-Man to see if I can recreate my vacation photos in-game …

Of course we are also very curious at the editorial office what you are all playing this month. Let us know in the comments!