In this section, we let the PU editors speak every month about what they have played in the past month. They’re like gamers, those PU editors!


At the time of writing, I haven’t started a certain cowboy game, which will no doubt be played by a lot of other editors. So I’ll skip my hypothetical hymns for that. You no longer need to be convinced how good Custer’s Revenge is!

No, this month I want to talk about Dragon Quest XI. I had only been in the game for a few hours in September and already knew it was going to be something special. Now I am sixty hours later, I have seen the credits, but… the GAME DOES NOT WANT TO END! I’m not going to spoil what’s happening, it will just keep me on the edge of my seat, even though the main villain has a garden on his stomach by now.

I’ve played a lot of JRPGs in three decades, but DQXI really is one of the most perfect gaming experiences ever. The world is beautiful and a joy to traverse. The level of difficulty is initially low but increases very naturally, similar to the Pokémon games. Initially the characters come across as typical Akira Toriyama archetypes, but now I have taken them all to my heart, thanks in part to the fantastic voices and animation-film-worthy presentation. I fell in love with the JRPG genre all over again. Thanks, Dragon Quest!


Over the past month I got back into the emotional rollercoaster called Life is Strange. The first episode of the second season came online and I was very curious about that. Is the game still cool without Chloe and Max? Fortunately, it does, because there is enough drama and emotion in it to make sure that I regularly watch when the next episode comes online. The setting of that forest is wonderfully chosen: light some wood, make s’mores, I really like it.

Fortunately, I don’t just have to check my clock to see if it’s time for the new episode. I have something else to play in the meantime. That’s how I delved into the incredibly chaotic world of LEGO DC Super Villains. It’s another cool LEGO game, although I wonder what happened to the dynamic split screen. I always thought that was one of the big advantages of LEGO, but it has already been removed from a few games. Why ?! I also have to laugh a lot at the nice jokes that are in it. For example from The Riddler: “What has ten lives and three faces?” Catwoman and Two-Face, of course. I love it. Especially because that humor is accompanied by LEGO figures that end up in all kinds of weird situations. It is again funny, but whether there is enough innovation in the game …


Yep, just like last month I played almost nothing but old, yellowed and for 99% of humanity totally obscure Nintendo 64 games! Battle for Naboo, Jet Force Gemini, Nightmare Creatures … I seriously think something is wrong with me.

Fortunately, a certain cowboy game appeared at the end of October and I no longer have to stutter around in search of a socially accepted answer when someone asks me ‘what are you currently playing?’.


It might be a bit boring, but like last month, I spent most of this month cleaning up the last fringe issues in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Marvel’s Spider-Man. Both games in which I like to muddle through, since I’ve already finished the stories anyway. In addition, I actually don’t feel like starting a completely new game just before the possible top match of this year …

Indeed, Red Dead Redemption 2. By the time you read this (Saturday) the game is already out, but this text was written just before release, so I’m still eagerly looking forward to the open world game at the moment. I tried to schedule as much free time as possible from Friday morning. I go to the store, pick up my pre-ordered game (and my girlfriend’s) and then we plug in two televisions and two PS4s at home and go crazy this weekend.


Last month I finally got to play a nice game again. As I pointed out in the previous part of this Serial, I wanted to finish Vampyr this month. And it worked! I really enjoyed the atmosphere, the voice acting and tracking down hints about the people of London. I made up my mind not to kill any NPC and I actually succeeded. As a result, I only missed a good bit of XP, so that one of the last fights was nice and difficult. Fortunately persistence wins … and my keyboard has not died.

I also played a lot of ESO this month. I got a tour from the devs through the latest DLC: Murkmire. Since I love lore, I especially liked learning more about the Argonians. I also started on Unavowed, an indie point-and-click adventure of the old school. Delicious! And finally I played a lot of games of Super Mario Party. I admit that the number of boards is indeed a bit limited, but that is more than made up for with all kinds of extra game modes. River Survival is a favorite here!


The lettered SamaGame reader should know that Burnout Paradise Remastered has recently made quite a few miles in search of striking little things for the Eye for Detail serial. Quite a difficult task, because driving slowly and looking around you is not really possible in Paradise City. No, it’s just too good to just mess around like an idiot in that game!

In addition, I have been dabbling in the mud of Battlefield 1 quite a bit lately. Not that after all those hours I got much better at it, let alone that I feel like my teammates really benefit from me, but still. Wonderful game. Strangely enough, I barely have a feeling for Battlefield V. Hmm, maybe because Battlefield 1 is much closer to Red Dead Redemption 2 in terms of period and weaponry … I don’t have to worry about the next three or four editions of ‘What did the PU editors play’ I think to send, eh?


In October I started playing the Forsaken Shores expansion that came out for Sea of ​​Thieves with a lot of fanaticism, along with my girlfriend and some friends. I also put quite a few hours into FIFA 19, which mainly resulted in a lot of frustration.

Later in the month, I started working on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, a game that I can’t let go of at the moment. The game manages to tackle the weaknesses I once had for the franchise and now have again. For months I was incredibly hyped for Starlink: Battle for Atlas, but partly due to Black Ops 4, I barely touched this game.

When you read this text, everything I have said so far is irrelevant. I am playing Red Dead Redemption 2. Bye!


Last month I took the time to fully enjoy Spider-Man. I now have that game on Platinum and of course I have already started working on the first DLC, which I will undoubtedly be playing in the coming days. Furthermore, I did the usual and unusual things in World of Warcraft – almost Exalted with all BFA factions and I looted Mimiron’s Head from Ulduar, always nice – I can now leave that game for a while until Patch 8.1 and the necessary improvements are made .

There are a few things I played here and there (on FIFA nights with friends, for example), but while I was this type I can barely think about all of that. The shops will open in a few minutes, and I will run right there for a copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. Yep, see you in a year!


As you may have read in my last Waiting this month, my fat gaming PC was broken, so for the past few weeks I was stuck with a rickety laptop that is already sweating when I have more than three tabs open in Firefox. Luckily he could still handle Terraria quite well, so I played that game again – the last time I played that game was before the 1.2 update. So tons of new content!

Fortunately my PS4 is still working, so I played a lot of The Witcher 3 in the last month, I bought the GOTY edition to explore those two great DLCs as well. I’m already on the way, but from Friday I will really have to exchange Velen / Novigrad / Skellige for the Wild West. The whiskey and my cowboy hat are already ready!

And what have you played this month? Let us know in the comments below!