In this section, we let the PU editors speak every month about what they have played in the past month. They are like gamers, those PU editors!


My days consist mainly of uncontrolled hyperventilating about new details around Red Dead Redemption 2, but luckily I got to gaming this month too. And how! For example, I started on Hollow Knight and for the latest part of my Eye for Detail serial I started playing The Last of Us for the first time. Yes, yes for the first time. I can imagine it sounds absurd that I have never given this game that many think is legendary a chance before, but I have two main reasons for it. A: I’ve never really liked Uncharted and B: I think zombies are the lame-, hackneyed monsters ever. Even though they have a mold problem this time for a change.

And with such an attitude, this game could only be better than expected and fortunately it does! In fact, I am pleasantly surprised. I haven’t finished it yet, but here are some personal impressions:

  • Zombies are indeed and not exactly fun to fight.
  • Fortunately, combat against humans is more interesting, stealth mechanics are fine too.
  • Insanely strong dialogues.
  • The interaction between Joel and Ellie and how their bond grows is fantastic! It is very clear who Sony has turned to Santa Monica for God of War.
  • It’s all nice and low-paced, I like that. Exploring and collecting stuff at your leisure is great.
  • The stairs, which happened to be blocked with cupboards or suitcases, are out of my throat.
  • Zombies still suck.


I’m not allowed to comment on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, which I’m reviewing for a sister site of PU, until next Monday, so I’ll keep my mouth shut, even though I probably put most of my time on it this month. Another game that I sat down for in September is Marvel’s Spider-Man.

I’m not really into comic book heroes, although I do follow the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But what a great game Spider-Man is! Sure, the game has some typical open world ailments; like an icon-filled folder. But Spinnenmans can be controlled so well that I don’t think it’s a punishment to swing from pillar to post. So you see how important good and fun controls can be for a game. And since I visited New York for the first time last year, it’s really nice to see many recognizable buildings and areas of the city in the game. When I’m done with Odyssey, I’m going to play Spider-Man!


Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can! I have – as I am guessing many other editors – played a lot with the nimble web slinger over the past month. I’ve already completed the story and a lot of the other activities, but it’s still fun to just meander through town for a while and do nothing at all – although there are a few tiny points that make me feel got that Spider-Man 2 fared better on the PS2, this is by far the best swing system the acrobatic hero has ever had.

Apart from that, I went back to play a game of Civilization with a buddy. A great game, but with the average length of a game in that strategy sim, I will probably still be working on it next month.


This month was mainly dominated by a (last minute) holiday on La Palma. For entertainment I brought my 3DS. But I didn’t even touch it at all! For two weeks I really enjoyed nature and culture. I have climbed mountains and volcanoes, hiked in the woods, snorkeled with the fish and cleared kilos of papas y mojo. Delicious!

Game-wise, this is quite a boring contribution. And it gets worse … even in the two weeks before my vacation, I barely played any game due to a stack of deadlines. I have only occasionally been able to relax for an hour or so in World of Warcraft.

However, next month promises to be a better game month. I am planning to pick up Vampyr again anyway, as well as Divinity: Original Sin 2. Two very strong games, which I still haven’t quite finished playing dull enough. Fancy!


This month started amazingly with Spider-Man (pun intended), but also the other games I played were of unusually high quality. So much positive has been written about Spider-Man, it’s hard to say anything original about it. Well then, I have something: I found the handful of boss battles in the game surprisingly good. You hardly see an old-fashioned boss fight in Triple A games and don’t ask me why! The battles in Spider-Man prove that the superhero has fantastic villains and that Insomniac (thanks to Ratchet & Clank) knows what makes or breaks a good boss fight.

Furthermore, I restarted Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the only game I’ve played on my Switch more than Breath of the Wild. After the last launch trailer for Torna – The Golden Country, I paid 30 euros for the Season Pass. With 20 hours, the extra adventure isn’t long, but I immediately understood why I love this JRPG so much because the new open world is beautiful! Even the story grabbed me by the throat. It’s a prequel, so I knew exactly what would happen in the end, but that didn’t make it any less emotional. A nice bonus for one of the best JRPGs of this generation. But not the best …

At the moment I have spent the first hours in Dragon Quest XI and… this is going to be something very special. I have more to report on it next month!


Last month I finally had time to dive into Far Cry 5. Okay, the story is still just as compelling as the speech from the throne on Budget Day, but what? a. oily. world. created Ubisoft! As an OCD’er I of course had to catch all the fish and collect perk magazines, so it took me most of September. And then also that addictive map editor … Wow.

However, I still had a few hours left for Robinson: The Journey for PSVR (mwah), The Pinball Arcade (a delicious nostalgia feast where I honestly wonder why you don’t see pinball tables anywhere these days) and a few Nintendo 64 games because I I am completely into that console again in recent months. Ridge Racer 64, Mystical Ninja Starring Goemeon: that kind of work. Bring on that N64 Classic Mini!

Furthermore, a certain game called FIFA 19 came along and I’m already looking forward to October, when Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption will join my ‘to-play’ list and my girlfriend will probably leave me because she never sees me again …


I spent quite a few hours in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey this month, but since I’m not allowed to dump an opinion on that for embargo reasons, that might not be the most interesting topic for this piece. Read my upcoming review.

Furthermore, my month was dominated by Divinity: Original Sin 2, a terribly tasty RPG that you can read the review of here. To maintain my social life, I’ve had to skip games like Destiny 2: Forsaken and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, but I’ll get to that next month. So spoilers for the ‘What did the editors play this month’ in October.