Now that November has just started and Red Dead Redemption 2 has well past its first week in the wild, you may gradually start wondering: when can we finally get started in Red Dead Online ?! Wimpie tries to answer that question and a lot of other questions in this feature.

Maybe, like me, you’re not far from Red Dead Redemption 2 at all because you get stuck at the poker table and can’t get enough of the pristine nature. But whether you’re ready for Red Dead Online or not, the online version of Red Dead Redemption is definitely on its way! So let’s take a look at what the game has in store for us …

Red Dead Online: the start date and the basics …

Rockstar has not yet released anything about the start date of Red Dead Online – except for the fact that the beta starts this month. But GTA Online appeared two weeks after the release of GTA V, so maybe Red Dead Online will be released on Friday! Damn, I really have to keep playing …

As you were used to with GTA Online, the Red Dead variant will start with a smashing intro that will earn you a trophy or achievement if you complete it. Basically, Red Dead Online will be very similar to the multiplayer of the first Red Dead Redemption and the gameplay of part two will logically serve as the basis for the online part.

Rockstar previously promised to make constant updates and adjustments so that you can go wild in the Wild West for years to come. GTA Online is obviously a celebrated example of this, so at least I expect years of cowboy fun with my online comrades!

As in the single player, Red Dead Online will also have a day and night cycle, with NPCs decorating their windows in the morning and packing up when it comes time to close the store.

Your own home is just as important in Red Dead Online as it is in the GTA variant, so you will be able to buy and upgrade your own tents. There is also a trophy / achievement for this, which you get when you buy improvements for your tent and camp. Hopefully you can set up a camp with your friends to terrorize the map from there!

The Red Dead Online companion app

As in GTA Online, NPCs in Red Dead Online will regularly offer you missions and equipment. Completing those missions will earn you XP. Rockstar’s companion app will also play a role and is rumored to be usable while playing poker against other players.

All in all, according to Rockstar, Red Dead Online should be as compelling and grand as its counterpart to GTA. To achieve this final product, Rockstar asks its players to give Red Dead Online a chance; the developer foresees a lot of bugs that they have to fix and for that we, the players, are of course badly needed.

A world of means of transport

A group of Rockstar Intel dataminers have found references to the appearance of vehicles in Red Dead Online, describing the following horse and carts:

-Horse Cart

-Small Coach

-Chuck Wagon

-Chuck Wagon with a Gatling gun attached

-Supply Wagon

-Utility Wagon

-War Wagon

The following tubers will also be rideable in Red Dead Online:

-Hungarian Half Bred

-Missouri Fox Trotter

-Dutch Warmblood


Battle Royale ?!

Rumors about Battle Royale appearing in the multiplayer component of Red Dead Redemption 2 surfaced in February. According to those potential monkey stories, Revive and Survive modes would also return, as well as Money Grab, which is a revamped version of Grab the Bag from the multiplayer of the first Red Dead Redemption.

But Rockstar Intel’s dataminers come with more! They found references to, among other things, races and duels in the code of Red Dead Online. Remember when you got shot in GTA Online by another player online? Then you had a number of choices, including challenging to a 1v1 deathmatch. Words like Inform Law, Duel, Parley and Feud pop up in the code. The word Predator Ability also surfaced.

What this skill can point to is still a total mystery, just like all the other words that pop up in the code. It would be awesome if you could duel with others online.

Bring it on!

Whether I have completed Arthur’s story or not, as soon as that beta drops I can be found in Red Dead Online immediately! Just for a duel, raid shops together or to form a corridor. I’m thumbing for a beta launch this Friday, will you join me?

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