What to do if macOS Big Sur crashes on 2013 and 2014 MacBook Pros

Following the issue with the 2013 and 2014 13-inch MacBook Pros when installing Big Sur, Apple has published a document with basic guidelines to try to save the situation in front of the high number of blocks that users are suffering during the process.

The alarm went off last weekend, when in various forums of different media related to the Apple ecosystem some users started sharing a crash issue on some 2013 and 2014 13 ″ Retina MacBook Pro models during macOS Big Sur update. The bug left computers showing a black screen and locked without being able to execute any command that would allow the Mac to restart normally.

In the document shared by Apple some basic steps to follow in the event that you are affected by the incident after the update attempt are explained. The actions suggested by those from Cupertino are, with all external Mac components disconnected, restarting the SMC, which is the system management controller, as well as restarting the SVRAM and PRAM.

These actions can be performed even when the computer is locked due to some error, and although some users have already reported in the forums that trying these commands had not been of any use in their cases, if you are affected you will not lose anything by trying.

In our opinion, and since Apple is not offering a very definitive solution to the problem either, If you have a model of those affected and you have not yet updated to macOS Big Sur, we recommend that you wait, as the problem may be partially solved with a future system update.

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On the other hand, if your MacBook is already locked after installation, feel free to try the steps that Apple has shared to restart the computer. If the problem persists, as indicated in the explanatory document, the next step is to contact Apple Support service.

Source : Techradar