In this serial only attention for the smallest! Those things that do not always stand out while playing, but that make you very happy as soon as you discover them. This time we go wild in Burnout Paradise and we have a very close look at Paradise City.

A dripping oar in God of War, a crowbar with echo in Half-Life 2 and a well-known Dutch supermarket in BioShock; just some brilliant details in previous episodes of the Eye for the Serial. Today, in the tenth part, I dive into a racing game for the first time. A legendary racing game too! Nothing short of Burnout Paradise. Remastered, that is!

Of all the titles that I have covered in this serial so far, Burnout Paradise is the game where detail matters the least. You should be driving through the streets with such a huge speed, that it does not even occur to you to take a look at the surroundings. But, what happens if you do that anyway? Does Paradise City turn out to be really ugly up close, or are there some interesting little things secretly hidden? We will see.


A little cool ads and posters can make a fictional city a lot more interesting and credible. Of course, credibility has not necessarily been Paradise City’s approach, but unfortunately the billboards here are generally pretty uninspired. Well come on, I had to chuckle at the advertisement below for a restaurant.

Motor mouse

I still don’t understand why the cars in Burnout Paradise don’t have a driver. Fortunately, they did not get out of that with the bikes, that would have looked really moronic. The last time I played Burnout Paradise there were no two-wheelers in it and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail in the animations of the only living things in this game. For example, you can even see her turning the ignition key when you start the engine! It is a pity that the motorcyclist immediately disappears from the face of the earth as soon as you crash, but hey, that’s what we have GTA for.

Excellent rules

I don’t understand much about Paradise City’s spatial planning, but I really like the pro-car and anti-all-other-modes-of-passenger transport policies that the city government has!

Drive Slow

Yet it appears that they also try to impose some traffic rules for cars. Normally you can ignore this kind of thing, because traffic police apparently only exist in movies in this world. Drive Slow? What do you think, friend ?! Stay in lane ?. I don’t even know what you mean by that!

Big beaver

I don’t know exactly why it is there, but I am quite impressed by this majestic beaver, atop a gate over the road, somewhere in the northwest of the map.

Trees in the wind

Not the most impressive or compelling detail, but just about the most useless, because in a fast-paced game like this no chicken will ever notice this. Only if you stand still and take a good look at those beautiful conifers, do you see that they actually sway gently in the wind. However angular they are. And damn, the clouds in the sky move too!

Caution, Danger, Keep Out !!

For a city that calls itself paradisiacal, it still consists for a remarkably large part of construction excavation. And wherever work is done, there are of course the necessary warning signs. Now these signs are not very interesting in themselves, so I didn’t really want to do anything with them, until I came across this knoepert. It seems like a collage of just about all the warning signs you can find in the game! This must be a ridiculously dangerous place then. Irresponsible, actually.

Textures too sharp?

However, not all warning signs are so random: in the mountainous areas there are actually signs to alert you to the dangers of crumbling rocks and that you should not climb and so on. In addition, this middle sign shows a very striking warning. Subtle easter egg from the developer? Or just let it sit, because it was not readable on PS3 and Xbox 360 anyway? You can say it.

In the creases

We conclude with a detail that everyone has noticed, because if you play the game well (or cannot control it very well), you will see this at least a hundred times per hour. And yet, every time I can enjoy a neatly crumpled bonnet, a slowly halving chassis, such an elegant slow-motion hitting car. For example, when that little tap against that one annoying oncoming car becomes a little too much for your front bumper … blissful. To honor Burnout Paradise’s excellent crash physics, here’s a short homemade compilation:

Okay, if you’d like to excuse me now, I need to get back to shredding cars in one of my favorite racing games ever. Did I miss any other nice details in Burnout Paradise? Be sure to throw them in the comments!

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