In this serial only attention to the details in our favorite games! Those things that do not always stand out while playing, but that make you very happy as soon as you discover them. Today in Oog voor Detail we take a closer look at Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

After no less than 12 fine parts, Sven decided to hand over the Eye for Detail baton. Above is the lucky one! I can try to match my predecessor at least three parts. This second part is dedicated to Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. This Naughty Dog game is full of cool details. I chose 10 for you.

Rustling trees

Basically, in the Uncharted games, you are just running, jumping, flying, diving, falling and moving on. However, it is very worthwhile to stop and look at the rustling trees.

Into the ship

The locations Nathan Drake visits in Uncharted 4 are phenomenal. White beaches, blue water… and a pirate ship that you can explore while diving. Check those fish!

Handwriting recognition

What I think is a particularly cool detail in this game is the fact that all letters / cards / post-its are written with a different handwriting. These were my finds in a single room. PS Extra credits for Nathan’s faded cuticles.

Bullying Elena

It is not too bad that she is not chewing Nathan good. Fortunately, she clearly shows that Elena is not served by a flashlight in her face.

Weird flex, but ok

You can’t leave that man alone for a second, especially if there are mirrors nearby. I thought finger guns had been a thing of the past for years, but I can have a lot from Mr. Drake.

Watch fetish

I like beautiful watches. That’s why I thought it would be cool to take a closer look at Nate’s copy. Thanks to the photo mode I was able to zoom in considerably. The end result does not disappoint. Nice clock, you know!

Times gone by

Two moments in Uncharted 4 are a fun reference to Crash Bandicoot, developer Naughty Dog’s first PlayStation game. The case is even a bit dusty.

Collect all moths

Almost at the beginning of the game, Nathan is guided through a prison. When I looked up, I saw all kinds of moth butterflies flying around a lamp. That’s another detail, right?

Nice fabric?

In real life, dust is not chill. You just have to vacuum it. In games, however, it can produce a very nice picture. If the light falls correctly, you can see the particles dance, as it were.

That other game series

Earlier I mentioned the tribute to Crash Bandicoot. However, Naughty Dog also honors their more recent work. For example, you can find a statue and a poster of The Last of Us. I really love these kinds of easter eggs!

Did you notice any cool details in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End? What should I really pay attention to in the next playthrough? Let us know this and a lot more in the comments!

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