Last month, Google announced that it was merging Meet and Duo. Specifically, it promised to integrate Meet functionality into the Duo app. This process is now ongoing and live for many users. Unfortunately, Google isn’t making this transition clear, as it isn’t getting rid of the two apps. Duo has been rebranded to Meet and will offer the functionality of both apps, while Meet will remain Meet. Pocket-lint has gathered everything you need to know.

What’s going on with Meet and Duo?

Google is trying to streamline its approach to communication apps.

In the future, there will only be Google Meet. Google has already added key Google Meet features to the Duo app and rebranded it as “Meet”. But the old Google Meet app isn’t going away. It’s being rebranded as “Google Meet (original)” and will remain available in app stores until it’s officially retired.

Deployment schedule

  • July 2022: Google has released an update to Duo that adds Google Meet functionality.
  • August 2022: Google is rolling out an update to iOS and Android that replaces the Duo logo with the Meet icon.
  • September 2022: anyone who downloaded the new Meet app will receive the new combined Meet/Duo app.

How does the new Meet app work?

The combined application will allow you to make group or individual calls and organize meetings. It uses Gmail addresses and phone numbers to let you chat with your contacts.

Google hopes that the “Google Meet” brand will become your preferred calling solution, without the issues that can plague other chat tools available. Many people praised the original Duo app, which launched in 2016, because it allowed you to call someone directly — including their phone number — without having to send links or call yourself. tap the Meet button in a Google Calendar invitation. It was a bit like FaceTime, actually. Now, all of those features you knew and loved are available in the new Meet app, along with the old Meet features you may have loved. Nothing is removed, except for the old (original) Meet app, of course, which will be retired.

What should you do if you are a Duo user?

If you were already a user of Google Duo or the original Google Meet app, your history, contacts, and messages won’t disappear in the change. Google has promised to “carefully” integrate the platforms. In fact, if you already have Duo installed, you don’t need to do anything. It will simply become the new Meet app. It’s simple as hello.

What should you do if you’re a Meet user?

If you’re a user of the old (original) Meet app, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll just miss all the new Duo features.

Google may also end support for the app. Google said it would notify users of the old Meet app when they “should migrate to the new app experience,” but it didn’t say when that would happen.

Still don’t understand?

Sorry. This change is just the latest step in Google’s ever-evolving messaging strategy, which generally gets more and more confusing the more you learn about it.

Google decided that having two apps called Meet would be a good idea

Google is pushing ahead with Fusion Duo and Meet. Not as sleek as some might like. Take some crunch Reports Google is renaming Duo in Android and iOS as Meet, with the tagline centered around video calls. The company has already migrated many features from Meet. However, the old Meet will not be discontinued for the time being – instead it will be renamed “Google Meet (original)”.

All Duo users should see the new branding by September. You’ll need to use your Google account for all meeting functionality, but familiar features (like effects and contacts) will remain. The original Meet app will continue to work, but it won’t receive dedicated calls and will eventually disappear.

As the spokesperson explained in June, the merger aims to adapt to the “evolving needs” of video calls, including meetings, by providing a unified experience. To some extent, it’s also an acknowledgment that combining Google’s communication apps has become very complex.

Google Duo app update brings Meet icon and name, rolling out now

In recent days, the Meet fusion has been widely rolling out to Google Duo for Android and iOS. Google is now preparing to start the next phase where Meet’s icon and name will replace Duo’s after a mobile app update.

The Google Duo icon (from 2016) with a white video camera inside the blue teardrop container disappears. It will be replaced by a square four-color camera, while the name goes from “Duo” to “Meet”.

A notification will further explain the change, with users having access to “video calling and meeting features”. The latter requires you to sign in with a Google account (not just a phone number).

Video call features are still available for free in the updated Duo app on mobile devices. Conversation history, contacts and messages are retained.

These Duo-to-Meet icon updates on Android and iOS begin today and will be complete by September, with the Google Play and App Store listings also changing. This is because the original Google Meet app was updated to “Meet (original)” with a green icon in recent days. This old client will eventually go away, although the functionality will remain in the Gmail tab.

Throughout this process, users can continue to use Meet (original) to join and schedule meetings, but we recommend using the updated Google Meet app for combined video conferencing and calling functionality at the same location.

Google’s Duo and Meet combo apps are rolling out for Android and iOS

In June, Google announced it was bringing Meet functionality to the Duo app — and that transformation begins today. Google isn’t technically getting rid of either app; Duo is rebranded as Meet with the functionality of both apps, and Meet remains Meet.

Yes, it sounds quite confusing, but at the end of this process there will only be two apps: “Meet Original” (the standard Meet app that will eventually be phased out) and the new Meet that combines both Meet and Duo. The combined application will allow you to make group and individual calls as well as hold meetings.

If you’ve already installed Duo, you don’t need to do anything. Last month, Google pushed out a Duo update that adds Meet functionality, and today Google is rolling out an update to iOS and Android that will change the Duo logo to the Meet icon.

Now, if you’re a Meet user, you don’t have to do anything right now if you just want to continue using it as it’s always been without any added Duo benefits. Google may end support for the original Meet eventually, so keep that in mind if you want to continue using the app as is. Google says it will let original Meet users know when they “should migrate to the new app experience,” but doesn’t specify when that will happen.

This change adds another layer of complexity to Google’s web of messaging apps, but is a sign that Google is consolidating services it already has rather than adding a new one.

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