Minecraft officially launched yesterday Minecraft with RTX for Windows 10, powered by NVIDIA. The beta is over, and players can now enjoy ray-traced Minecraft for free, including emitting pixels, water reflections, precisely cast shadows, and rich global lighting. For more information on the launch, visit this link.

Minecraft Dungeons: Howling Peaks DLC and Season Pass

Today the Howling Peaks DLC and the Dungeons Season Pass are released, as well as six enchantments that all players will receive for free. Howling Peaks is an action-packed journey to the top of the mountain that includes new enemies, armor, weapons and artifacts; the Season Pass, meanwhile, unlocks access to Howling Peaks and the following three DLC as they become available.

Community Celebration

Finally, starting yesterday and throughout the month, the Community Celebration will take place, a thank you to the 132 million monthly players that make up the Minecraft community. During December, there will be free content for Bedrock and Java players, including new items every day for character creation, a new map in the Minecraft Marketplace every Monday, a free week of Realms for Java for current and new subscribers, and more.

For more information visit the game’s official website at the following LINK.