The least content is usually added to Netflix at the end of the month, but some interesting projects will appear in week 4 of 2021. Users can look forward to the Netflix movie The Dig, a historical play set around World War II starring Carey Mulligan, Ralph Fiennes and Lily James. The content below will be made available in the next week.

Tuesday, January 27

  • Go Dog Go – Netflix Family

    Handy and inventive pup Tag goes on an adventure with her best friend, Scooch, solves problems and helps the residents of Pawston along the way.

  • Snowpiercer (starts season 2)

Wednesday, January 27

  • Bonding (season 2)
  • Accomplice
  • Penguin Bloom – Netflix Original

    Penguin Bloom tells the true story of Sam Bloom, a young mother whose world is turned upside down after a near-fatal accident that prevents her from walking.

Friday, January 29

  • Below Zero – Netflix Original

    When a prison transport is under attack, the agent in charge must fight those inside and out while dealing with a silent enemy: the icy temperatures.

  • The Dig – Netflix Original

    When a wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to excavate burial mounds on her estate, they discover a history-changing treasure.

  • Finding ‘Ohana – Netflix Original

    A summer in the O’ahu countryside takes an exciting turn for two Brooklyn-raised siblings when a journal referencing long-lost treasures takes them on an epic adventure with new friends and prompts them to reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage.

  • We Are: The Brooklyn Saints – Netflix Documentary

    We Are: The Brooklyn Saints is a four-part documentary series based on a youth football program in the heart of downtown East NY, Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Saints program is aimed at boys aged 7-13 and is more than a sport: it is a family and a project to create opportunities. The series immerses us in the world of Brooklyn Saints football and their community, chronicling the personal stories of the passionate young athletes, as well as the support system and challenges of coaches and parents behind them. Over the course of a season, we witness the power of the Saints on and off the field as they celebrate victories and overcome losses, both personal and athletic.

This week the following series and films will disappear:

  • When Calls the Heart (seasons 1 through 5)
  • We Are Your Friends (2015)

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