Little by little, Facebook is turning WhatsApp into something more than a messaging application: into an application for make purchases in stores who have registered and use the business version, WhatsApp Business.

Little by little, all the pieces fit together, after the product catalog and future payments from the app arrived, almost the only thing missing was the shopping cart, which is just starting to unfold at the moment in stores that have their products listed on WhatsApp.

Faster WhatsApp purchases

Facebook is turning WhatsApp piece by piece into an e-commerce application or, at least, making it easier for businesses that want to sell their products through WhatsApp the do it in a more standardized way, in a similar way to how it would work in a complete system of its own.

In the beginning, the only way for a customer to buy something through WhatsApp was to explain it in the chat and have the person from the store take a note on the other end of the line. Later the catalog arrived, thus making it easier for customers to see the available products and order them, albeit one by one. Now comes the shopping cart, to facilitate the purchase of several products at the same time.

That is, in a WhatsApp Business profile where several products are included in your catalog, you still have the same option as before ordering it directly through a message, but with the addition of the button Add to cart, which has not yet completed the order.

In this cart you can see the products you have added so far, modify the quantity, add or remove others and, when you have completed it, send it to the company at once, as a group, rather than as a separate message for each. Bear in mind, of course, that the process is still, in a way, somewhat manual, and the order is not confirmed until it is accepted by the company on the other side of the chat.

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