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WhatsApp adds the purchase button in WhatsApp Business profiles

WhatsApp adds the purchase button in WhatsApp Business profiles

In order to make the purchase through WhatsApp easier, the application has just made official what it had already been warning for a couple of weeks ago: the incorporation of a buy button for those businesses that use WhatsApp Business.

In this way, users will be able to access, directly, the product catalog of businesses that have a profile in the WhatsApp Business application. This button will be accessible directly from the chat with the store, which will prevent users from having to review the business profile, as has happened until now, to see the products and services offered by the establishment.

The company hopes that this will make it easier for users to explore the catalog of products and services of each business they talk to.

How to enable the button

As the company explains, so that the purchase button is available to customers businesses must have an account registered in the WhatsApp Business application and have set up a catalog. After completing these tours, the buy button should appear immediately in all conversations with the company.

In this way, when a person sees the purchase button (the icon of a store) they will be able to access this catalog, which will show the products that are available in the business. In addition, the user will be able to browse the catalog and see images of each product. If you are interested in a specific one, you can tap the Commercial Message button below each image and start a conversation about that particular product.

This button replaces the video call button that until now could be seen.

The next step should be the possibility of make purchases directly on Whatsapp. As a video from the company itself shows, WhatsApp hopes to be the single destination to buy where a user can see the product, send a message to the seller, eventually buy the product and pay for it. The user would get all the order details on WhatsApp without having to leave the platform.