Some lucky WhatsApp users can already turn off their online status so others don’t know when they are “online”. The feature started rolling out with the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android, but so far only a few lucky users have been able to enable the option on their devices.

For some time there have been methods to hide that you are “online” or “writing on WhatsApp”, but the company behind the application was still hesitant to add this functionality natively. Now the wait is finally over.

So you can hide the fact that you are “online” in WhatsApp

The option to hide WhatsApp connection status arrived with WhatsApp Beta version However, some app users have reported seeing this same option in version It seems that the deployment is happening gradually.

Once available, the feature will give you two options: allow everyone to see if you’re “online” or limit access to this information to your contacts, manually chosen contacts or no one.

The option can be changed in the privacy menu, in the “Account” section of WhatsApp settings. Once there, you will need to touch “Last Seen Time” and choose the option you want.

This is one of the most awaited novelties by users in the field of privacy, since it will finally be possible to prevent other people from knowing when we have accessed the application, and if we are ” connected” at a specific time.

In the coming days, the option to hide the online status will be available for all users of the messaging app. If you don’t want to wait longer than necessary, we recommend that you download the latest version of WhatsApp on your mobile and keep the application always up to date.

New WhatsApp feature: search chats by date. Here’s how

The last feature will be useful to search for crucial conversations or recall an important conversation between users or in a group on a specific date.

The Meta-owned platform will stop working on select Apple iPhone devices starting October 24, 2022.

New WhatsApp feature: how to use the new message search feature?

  • The feature will be beneficial when you want to find out the first message shared with a certain contact or read what messages were shared on a particular date.

Whatsapp: The secret trick to read all your messages without appearing online

How to read a WhatsApp message discreetly?

WhatsApp is a communication application that allows us to send instant messages to our contacts, but also to receive them. Only downside: WhatsApp always informs our recipient that we have read his message through two checkmarks that appear in blue next to the message. Be aware, however, that it is possible to read a WhatsApp message discreetly, without opening the application, and without even logging in.

How to read a WhatsApp message discreetly?

To read a message without being seen, and without even opening the application, 2 tips are available to you.

  • Use WhatsApp widget to read messages

To do this, go to your phone’s home screen and tap on an empty space. Hold your finger down for a few seconds, to see the “Widgets” option appear. Click on it and search for WhatsApp application. Click on this widget, making sure to choose the “WhatsApp 4×2” format. Thus, you can add a widget to the home screen which gives you an overview of your last received messages. Each time you receive a message, you will see it displayed in the sidebar of this widget, without you having to open your WhatsApp application. Note that you can change the size of the widget, and enlarge it to display as many messages as possible. To do this, just press the widget for a few seconds and change its dimensions. Note that this trick is only available on Android phones.

  • Read WhatsApp messages using the notification bar

When you receive a message, it is displayed in the notification panel. Just pull down the notification bar, located at the top, so you can read the message, without opening the app.

For this trick to work, it is important to first activate WhatsApp app notifications, in your phone settings. For iPhone phones, open your phone’s “Settings” and click on “Notifications”. Next, scroll down the list of apps and click on WhatsApp. You will only have to check if the “Allow notifications” option is activated. For Android phones, go to “Settings” and select “Notifications & Status Bar”. Then click on “Notification Management” and find WhatsApp in the list of applications that appears in front of you. Then check that the “Permission to notify” option is activated.

WhatsApp users on iOS will soon be able to search for messages by date

WhatsApp last week made it easier for users to make UPI payments on the platform. Now the developers are working on a new feature for who is on iOS which can allow users to sort messages by date.

It looks like WhatsApp has added a new calendar icon that can appear when trying to search for a specific message in a conversation. Clicking the button opens a calendar view where users can choose the date. If you want to skip the calendar view, just scroll down the conversation and it will disappear.

WhatsApp: this new feature that allows you to quickly find messages

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to search for a message by date, one of the most trusted sources for updates related to the Meta-owned messaging platform. This option, according to the blog, was first spotted in 2020, was “discontinued” after a while, and is now being developed again.

How will the feature work on WhatsApp?

In the screenshot, it can be seen that a calendar icon will appear when you search for a message in a conversation. By clicking on it, you will be able to jump to a certain date and read all the messages you have received on that date. The date view can be skipped by simply scrolling through the conversation.

The service will be available on WhatsApp Beta for iOS update.

Currently, users searching for a message can do so by entering a keyword. Here is a step by step guide:

(1.) Go to WhatsApp and in the “Chats” tab, scroll down to see the “Search” bar.

(2.) In it, type the word or phrase you are looking for.

(3.) Tap a result to open that message in that chat.

The latest in WhatsApp will make your life easier when searching for old messages

It is very likely that you already have wasted time rummaging through your WhatsApp chats to find an old message, even if he perfectly remembers the date you received or sent it. If this has happened to you, you’ll be happy to know that WhatsApp is already working on a solution.

One of the latest versions of WhatsApp already includes the ability to search messages by date in chats thus allowing you find any message in a simple and fast way.

Search by date will come to WhatsApp chats

Curiously, they have already passed more than two years since the first signs appeared that WhatsApp was working on this feature. For some reason, the company has decided to suspend its development and has not resumed it until now.

Touching this icon we will see a date picker which will give the possibility to go directly to the chosen day, and to see all the messages sent and received on this date.

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