A few weeks ago WhatsApp began to distribute temporary messages, messages that self-destruct within a seven-day period. Now, they arrive officially for all users, both for those who use Android and for iOS users on the iPhone, as we have seen from SamaGame Móvil.

These messages are active in the latest versions of WhatsApp for iOS and Android, so it’s a good idea to update the apps In the event that the function does not appear yet. Although we have already explained in depth what they are and how they work, we are going to review what you will find with this new update.

Messages that will disappear in seven days

If we want to activate the messages that self-destruct, we have only click on the profile of any conversation we have with someone, and activate them from the settings. In the event that we have a WhatsApp group, we can activate them if we are administrators. In both cases, the messages will disappear in a period of 7 days, something that only applies to the messages we send from said activation, not to the ones we have sent before.

Temporary messages can be forwarded and saved like other messages, but will be deleted from the conversation in which this feature has been activated. Similarly, if we make a backup of WhatsApp, temporary messages will be saved. Regarding multimedia content, will stay on our phone (or someone else’s) even if we have deleted the message, just like nothing prevents the other person from taking a screenshot or saving the content we send by themselves.

To find out if someone has activated temporary messages, we will only have to open the chat and see their profile picture. If the temporary messages are active we will see a small clock next to it. These messages work on mobile and WhatsApp Web, so there are no cross-platform compatibility issues.

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