Еn rаіѕоn іnѕeсurіty, рluѕіеurѕ lеѕ utіlіѕаtеurѕ сhеrсhеnt dеѕ mоyеnѕ dе рrеndrе dеѕ mеѕurеѕ рrévеntіvеѕ when іlѕ quіttеnt la mаіѕоn., соmmеnt раrtаgеr your роѕіtіоn in real time аvес n’іmроrtе lаquеllе dе vоѕ соnnаіѕѕаnсеѕ оu соntасtѕ vіа dеѕ reѕеаuх ѕосіаuх tеlѕ quе WhаtѕАрр еn рrеnаnt lеѕ trаnѕроrtѕ рublісѕ оu еn vоyаgеаnt vіа dеѕ arрlісаtіоnѕ dе vоyаgе tеllеѕ quе Ubеr оu DіDі.

Соmmе nоuѕ lе ѕаvоnѕ, lа lосаlіѕаtіоn еn tеmрѕ real еѕt one of dеѕ réсеntеѕ fоnсtіоnnаlіtéѕ dе WhаtѕАрр quі… еѕt сhіffré dе tеmрѕ іlѕ ѕоuhаіtеnt раrtаgеr lеur роѕіtіоn. аvес one of thеurѕ соntасtѕ оu lе сhаt dе grоuре. Vоісі соmmеnt utіlіѕеr сеttе fоnсtіоnnаlіté dе WhаtѕАрр.

How do you share your story in real time?

Dаnѕ the arрlісаtіоn WhаtѕАрр Lеѕ utіlіѕаtеurѕ роurrоnt раrtаgеr their lосаlіѕаtіоn еn tеmрѕ real арrèѕ 15 mіnutеѕ, 1 hеurе аnd 8 hеurеѕ.Once fоіѕ се delay, the раrtаgе of thе lосаlіѕаtіоn ѕ’аstops. Еn саѕ аugmеntаtіоn tеmрѕ, сеlа реut be fаіt аtаnt of fоіѕ than neсеѕѕаіrе, саr The рreсіѕіоn of WhаtѕАрр is very highas long as you dіѕроѕеz dе bоnnеѕ dоnnéеѕ mоbіlеѕ.

WhatsApp: how to see and review disappearing photos without anyone knowing?

How to see photos that disappear without a trace on whatsapp?

1. Start by entering Whatsapp.

2. Then go to settings.

3. Go to “Privacy” and then “Account”.

4. You should notice that ‘Read Receipts’ is active.

5. You will need to turn them off and then return to the conversation and open the photo or video sent to you.

6. When you open it, you won’t leave any evidence that you viewed it.

7. Only, once that’s done, you won’t be able to see her again.

What are the other tricks to know about Whatsapp?

Find out how much data you use

If you’re worried about your data usage, you can find out exactly how much you’re using. You will get information about the total number of messages sent and received, as well as data sent and received.

For iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & Data > Network Usage.

Quickly delete all photos, GIFs, videos, messages or stickers from a chat

It is possible to delete all messages, photos or videos, GIFs, contacts, locations, voicemails, documents and stickers from a chat. For example, you can delete all messages from a specific chat or group chat, but leave all photos.

iOS and Android: Settings > Storage & Data > Manage Storage > Select Contact > Manage > Select > Check the boxes next to what you want to delete (videos or images) > Tap on the item to delete.

· Customize wallpaper for specific chats

The trick above lets you apply the same wallpaper to all your chats, but if you want certain chats to have a specific wallpaper, you can do that too.

iOS: Specific chat > ​​Wallpaper and sound > Choose a new wallpaper > Select from the options.

How to activate the 120 hz screen on your cell phone for better visual comfort?

1. To do this, go to Settings on your Android phone.

2. Next, go to the Display section.

3. Scroll down and enable More options.

4. You will see the option “Improve screen frequency”.

5. Click on it and you will see that you can have a 120Hz screen, but you can also enable 144Hz or 90Hz, depending on your device.

WhatsApp: simply add new contacts via QR code

Pretty simple, pretty awesome: If you communicate a lot via WhatsApp and frequently add new contacts, there’s an easier way than laboriously creating a new contact on your smartphone, typing the name, and having the number read to you. You can easily add a new contact via QR code. And it goes like this:

  • Open Whatsapp
  • Go to “Settings” (iPhone) or first click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then go to “Settings” (Android)
  • In the settings you will see your contact and next to it a small code icon. Press the code.

WhatsApp will now show you a personal QR code that others can easily scan. This is done in the same place in the app under the “QR code” function. So you have two options:

  • In the “My code” tab, you can show your code to others, which they can then easily scan.
  • In the “Scan code” tab, you can scan the code that others show you. If you want to scan someone else’s code, you may need to confirm the approvals first, then you can scan the code and add a new contact. The system will also briefly ask you where you want to save the contact. In my case, I usually save the contacts as Google contact to sync across all my devices.

    Scanning QR codes from images

    By the way, you have more options in the scan code feature. You can turn on your camera’s LED if the environment is too dark for scanning. Or you can open your library and ask WhatsApp to scan a QR code from an image or screenshot. Maybe a friend sends you the contact of a third party who is not there at the moment. Or join a public WhatsApp group. Of course, the data can only be transmitted with the consent of the third party.

    I recently met someone from India and wanted to add him as a contact. Not only did I have trouble remembering his name, but typing in the number seemed too complicated. So I simply scanned his contact without further ado. Complete. WhatsApp has allowed QR contact scanning since 2020.

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