WhatsApp improves messages that self-destruct before its official launch

WhatsApp is without a doubt, the preferred option when communicating through instant messages and the numbers are on your side. The application, owned by Facebook, is listed as the most downloaded in its niche, it was the most used to send messages on New Year’s Eve and has reached its peak during the quarantine, to which the pandemic produced by the coronavirus has forced us.

This has made the app focus on new features that enhance its use by users. Thus, already 2020 has surprised us with the launch of the expected Dark Mode and it is likely that in a short time it will also surprise us with the option of messages that self-destruct.

WhatsApp improves self-destructing messages

As we published a few days ago, the messages that self-destruct are still in the development phase, not even all users of the beta versions of WhatsApp have it active, however that has not prevented them from becoming known more and more. new advances in its development.

The first one could be a name change, according to which the function finally known as “Disappearing Messages” or “” Disappearing Messages “, could be renamed as “Messages that expire”, this according to a post from the trusted WhatsApp source, WABetaInfo.

The same source has published changes in the administration options of the same. Although in individual chats, whoever writes the message can indicate the expiration time, in group chats, group administrators will be the only ones with privileges to enable this option, whose validity varies between a day, a week or a month until completely disappear from the chat.

Additionally, WhatsApp, could include an identifier that indicates which chats have expiring messages enabled, represented with the icon of a clock located next to the profile photo of the chat on the main screen of the application.

Although it seems like a very interesting function and from what is known quite advanced, it is still no indication on its release date, of which there is no doubt, is that next to the arrival of support for multiple devices, it could be the great surprise of WhatsApp.