It seems that WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are having problems in Europe and hundreds of users cannot access any of the three social networks, or they are running slowly and erratically.

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

The main problems are affecting several countries in Europe, but there are other places in the world where these apps are not working correctly either, or they are directly down and do not let you access.

If you are having problems entering WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, or you see that the messages are not sent or the stories are not uploaded, you should know that this problem exists right now. The three companies belong to Facebook, but at the moment the reason for the problem is not known nor is there an official response.

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If we go into Downdetector we can see that users are experiencing connection problems on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facebook and Instagram. We will see if these problems are fixed soon or if they persist.

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