One of the big security and privacy measures recently adopted by WhatsApp was the introduction of self-disappearing messages and photos. However, the messaging platform is preparing an important change that you should be aware of if you use these messages which are automatically deleted, as they will no longer be so temporary.

WhatsApp is developing a tool that allows users to save some of the temporary messages. Managers understand that there are times when you want to keep these messages because they store important information for you.

Soon you will be able to save messages that disappear automatically in WhatsApp

By activating the temporary message tool in a WhatsApp chat, whether individual or group, any message sent will disappear over time. In this way, the platform provides a safe place for users to chat without fear that the content of the conversation will be recorded.

The news media specializing in WhatsApp, the operation of this tool will soon change. Everything indicates that users will be able to save some of these automatically disappearing messages so that they can retrieve them whenever they want. On the one hand, this change is positive, because it will allow us to keep temporarily shared messages of interest, such as data relevant to prove your declaration later or a message of affection that you have received, for example.

Any content you want to keep will go into a section called “Saved Messages” which you can access from the chat info section. And here is another information that you must take into account, namely that all the participants of the conversation will be able to access the said section. Therefore, before recording a temporary message, you should know that other members will be able to see that you have recorded it.

Also, in the details of the function itself, it is specified that any user can save temporary messages, as well as delete them from the saved section. Therefore, it is understood that other participants may choose to delete messages from this section that you wish to retain. However, we will have to wait for the function to arrive to fully understand how it works.

Admins will be responsible for configuring this new feature in groups. At the moment we do not know what options they will have, but we hope they can limit the recording of messages that automatically disappear when activated.

The feature that saves temporary messages on WhatsApp is in full development, so we don’t know many more details. In fact, it’s not even available in beta yet. Of course, we know that it will come to Android, iOS and the desktop version of WhatsApp.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that any user can take a screenshot when the messages that are automatically deleted are activated, so there is already a way to keep this content, even if it is not the most “legal”.

You might soon continue to make Whatsapp messages disappear after they die

The WhatsApp meta-owned messaging platform is working on a feature that will allow users to keep messages disappearing even after they expire.

Disappearing messages can be viewed in chat information in a new section called “Saved messages”, and anyone in the conversation can open this section.

When disappearing messages are enabled in a certain chat, they cannot be tracked, only they can be kept.

The report mentions that this feature is still under development, but WhatsApp is currently working on introducing the feature with information about an upgrade to disappearing messages in a future WhatsApp Desktop beta update. .

Additionally, WhatsApp will allow group admins to limit this feature, so there will likely be a new privacy setting that will allow group admins to toggle the ability to save a disappearing message.

This feature is under development, so it’s unclear when it will be released for beta testers.

WhatsApp is also working to allow users to silently leave groups without telling other group participants except admins. But all group members will still be able to see who is leaving the group using a feature called “former participants”.

WhatsApp should soon launch avatars

Meta plans to introduce avatars to WhatsApp. They can be used as a sticker in discussions or they will serve as a profile presentation during video calls. The goal is to provide a more personalized experience for users.

As shown in the image above, the avatars are similar to Facebook and Instagram. Thanks to the dedicated section, they can create an avatar in their image and then share it with their contacts.

The “Avatar” feature is under development, which means that it will still take some patience before you can use it. No official announcement has yet been made by WhatsApp about this.

Avatars are emerging on social platforms

Internet users like to use their avatar to express their emotions and react to a message in a more personalized way. And social platforms have understood this. A few years ago, Snapchat was the pioneer with the introduction of Bitmojis, then Facebook avatars followed!

Recently, Instagram also launched avatars to react to posts, and TikTok rolled out its own avatars last month, similar to Apple’s Memojis. A frustrating point to note: some users do not always appreciate the aesthetics of avatars that are not “real” enough to correctly represent their image. Thus, to solve this problem, social platforms offer more and more options for a personalized avatar from head to toe: hair, face, morphology, dress, etc.

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