WhatsApp will allow you to create your own avatar to use in video calls.

With over 2,000 million monthly active users, WhatsApp has become the most popular instant messaging application today as it enables communication with friends and family not only through chats but also through video calls, who have seen their popularity increase since confinement.

Very soon you will be able to use your own avatar in WhatsApp video calls

It was previously discussed that WhatsApp was planning to allow its users to use an avatar in video calls and now it looks like this new feature is finally in the works.

So, when this new feature becomes available, a new option will appear on the screen of a video call that will allow you to select your custom avatar to appear during the call. To do this, simply tap the Switch to avatar button that appears at the bottom of the video call screen.

WhatsApp copies Telegram for the umpteenth time with its new feature: the heart emoji will be giant and beat

To create your own avatar, WhatsApp will integrate a new section in the application called Avatar Editor (Avatar Editor) through which you can customize your avatar and, in addition, once you have configured it, you will also be able to share as a sticker across chats and groups.

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WhatsApp can finally let you discreetly leave groups

Who has never experienced the situation of having to leave a group on WhatsApp, but, just because the exit is shown to everyone present, ends up staying in the online environment just to avoid attracting attention? However, the Meta messenger is developing a way to solve this problem, with a kind of “discreet output”.

A site specializing in beta news for the app, the new feature will no longer notify all participants when someone leaves, only notifying who leaves the group and admins. Therefore, participants will leave the message “(name) has left the group”.

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