Texting with out-of-control autocorrect is sometimes hilarious, but other times making a mistake in your message can even cause problems or misunderstandings. Well, for that, WhatsApp is working on letting you edit your message.

WhatsApp will soon come with a feature we’ve all wished for at one time or another: the ability to edit a sent message. The messaging platform owned by Meta, WhatsApp, reportedly working on the edit messages feature to ensure no mistakes are made. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

This information comes 5 years after the rumor that WhatsApp was going to introduce the option to edit messages. The idea was eventually scrapped, but it turns out that 2022 could be the year it finally becomes available to users.

The report also includes a screenshot, which shows how the edit option will work. It is revealed that the edit option will show up when a message is long pressed. This option will be added to the Info and Copy options. You will just have to click on the edit option, type the new message and send it again. You can take a look at it below.

Not of history

It is suggested thatthere will be no edit history to see all edited versions of the post. That said, this function could be included in the final release of the feature. Also, we don’t know if the feature will be time-limited, like the Delete Message option. For those who don’t know, the ability to delete a message after it’s been sent is limited to about an hour. After this time, the message can no longer be deleted.

It remains to be seen how WhatsApp plans its editing option. Since it is under development, it’s likely to take some time before it’s available to beta and general users. The edit option is also provided for Android, iOS and desktop versions of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is working on an “edit” button, any good idea?

Apparently, like Twitter users, some users of the WhatsApp messaging service are also asking for an “edit” button that would allow a message to be edited after it has been sent.

It was while digging into the beta of the Android version of the WhatsApp application that the media, which is generally very well informed, would have discovered elements suggesting that the functionality is in preparation. And if these elements were discovered on the Android application, it is likely that WhatsApp will also offer this button on the iOS versions and on the web versions.

A screenshot showing how the button will look. But unfortunately, other details are still missing at this stage. For example, we don’t know if there will be a time limit after which WhatsApp will no longer allow a message to be corrected. Also, it’s unclear when this feature might be made official.

Otherwise, in the current form, WhatsApp would not show the change history yet. However, as this is still a feature under development, there may be changes before the rollout.

WhatsApp is full of new features to improve the messaging experience

While its competitors like Android Messages, Telegram, or Signal are gaining popularity, WhatsApp continues to improve its messaging service. Among the new features recently announced by it, there are emoji reactions, Communities (which allow you to have organized group discussions like on Slack or Discord), as well as the possibility of transferring large files (up to to 2 GB, whereas the old limit was 100 MB. On the other hand, the limit on the number of participants in a discussion group is increased to 512 people.

Soon, a paid version for companies

At the same time, WhatsApp’s business model is becoming clearer. As a reminder, before the takeover by Meta, the app was free for the first year, then became payable, with a very low price of 1 euro per year.

The problem is that these annual fees were a brake on the growth of the courier service, as far as users, in certain countries, users did not have means of online payments. Also, Meta has decided to make WhatsApp completely free.

And instead of charging users, the group decided to charge businesses that use the messaging service to communicate with their customers. In 2018, Meta launched WhatsApp Business API, a tool for large companies to allow them to manage conversations with their customers.

Recently, another tool, called Coud API was launched. “Businesses and developers will have much faster and easier access to this new API, which builds directly on WhatsApp, to further personalize the experience and respond more quickly to their customers.

And at the same time, Meta announced a paid version for the WhatsApp Business app. This is free, but soon, SMEs will be able to subscribe to a paid subscription to be able to use the same account on 10 devices, and obtain customizable links.

Messages sent could be modified

Short of deleting a message, it is currently not possible to fix an error on WhatsApp, when a message was sent with a typo or to the wrong recipient. Things could soon change.

It remains to be seen whether a time limit will be imposed on the user to correct a typo. No information has yet filtered on a possible deployment date. The option hasn’t even made it into the beta version of WhatsApp yet, the Business version of which is about to offer premium paid features.

This is not the first time WhatsApp has tested such a feature. The messaging platform had already tested a similar option in 2017 before putting it away in its boxes.

WhatsApp is rumored to allow us to edit messages already sent

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in Spain and much of the world. It may not have as many functions as its main rival, Telegram, but the truth is that despite this, the application owned by Meta is the queen in most countries of the world.

That said, just because it doesn’t have as many features as other programs doesn’t mean Meta just watches them come and go. In fact, over the past few months they’ve really upped their game by adding all kinds of tools and features that the community has been asking for.

The next seems to be the possibility of editing the messages that we have already sent, clicking on them for a few seconds until the edit option appears to modify the message, a tool that will have supporters and opponents because he can completely change the direction of a conversation with this type of modification:

A feature that has been rumored since 2017.

This tool is part of the WhatsApp 2.17.26 beta version and is still under development, and it is not known when it will arrive in the final version of the messaging application, but considering that the rumors about its arrival began in 2017, it looks like we’re finally going to be close to being able to use it in our conversations.

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