The code for the latest version of WhatsApp Beta for Android ( shows a change that may allow you to delete a message within 3 months of sending it. The novelty is still under development, that is, you cannot test it, even if you are a WhatsApp Beta user.

Also, like any feature present in the test version of the messaging, it is possible that WhatsApp changes plans and modifies (or even gives up launching) the feature. It is also unclear whether the new limit would apply to all messages or only those sent after the extension.

Cashback, digital wallet and more WhatsApp news

As we reported on Monday (1), another expected feature for WhatsApp is cashback on messaging transactions. The feature started appearing for some users in the beta version of the platform in India. This option, like the one reported above, first appeared in the WhatsApp Beta code for Android and is now being implemented for testing.

Integration with Novi, Meta’s (ex-Facebook) digital wallet is another highly anticipated feature. Indications of the arrival of the Messenger function appeared last week, but there is still no release date for the end user.

WhatsApp starts removing Facebook quotes from its home screen

A while ago, WhatsApp started displaying the term “from Facebook” very quickly under the logo when launching the app. At the time, this was part of a process of integrating the company’s platforms. Now, with the company renaming to Meta, it’s only natural that this quote would change and it looks like it’s already happening.

Some WhatsApp Beta users have already stopped seeing the Facebook name when opening the app. In its place appears the “de Meta”, accompanied by the logo of the company’s new brand.

Change in WhatsApp

A site specializing in the analysis of application codes, the beta version is already arriving with the new quote “from Meta”. The Facebook name is also removed from the settings.

The same Facebook quote is also posted on Instagram. It is expected that, as in messaging, the mention there will also be changed very soon.

In the case of Oculus, another company in the conglomerate, the change is even more radical: the brand will no longer be used. The developer of virtual reality headsets will not end, quite the contrary, according to the announcement the company is fundamental in the new objectives of the giant and its products will receive the name of Meta.

There’s still no confirmation on when the home screen change will arrive for all WhatsApp users, but it should happen soon.

The new Meta name is part of a move to rebrand Facebook and was announced by Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook Connect last Thursday (28). It’s a similar move to the one Google made in 2015, when it set up Alphabet to run the search giant’s businesses.

WhatsApp begins to integrate the digital wallet of Meta, owner of Facebook – Apps and software

On the same occasion, the executive also revealed that Novi is expected to be integrated as an additional feature in all meta apps, such as Facebook WhatsApp. Hence, the novelty found in the latest beta version of the messaging app was something to be expected.

However, it is uncertain whether this integration will come soon or not. Novi was not even released. In fact, the digital wallet will be further tested during a limited pilot program in the United States and Guatemala using USDP, a stablecoin backed by the US dollar.

The new beta version of WhatsApp brings with it a simple code that shows the structure of Novi in ​​the application. Since this digital wallet prioritizes the privacy of user information, encrypting all financial data, it offers a payment model aligned with messaging app security principles.

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