WhatsApp last week made it easier for users to make UPI payments on the platform. Now the developers are working on a new feature for who is on iOS which can allow users to sort messages by date.

WhatsApp may soon allow iOS users to search for messages on a certain date. The feature is currently available on the WhatsApp beta for TestFlight’s iOS update.

It looks like WhatsApp has added a new calendar icon that can appear when trying to search for a specific message in a conversation. Clicking the button opens a calendar view where users can choose the date. If you want to skip the calendar view, just scroll down the conversation and it will disappear.

The newly added feature will be really useful if you want to see when you first spoke to someone or if you want to read messages sent on a particular date.

Remember that you will need to sign up for the beta if you want to use the latest WhatsApp features. Interestingly, the developers have been working on the same feature for a few years now, but seem to have ignored the idea at the time.

In July this year, the Meta-owned messaging platform blocked over 2.4 million Indian accounts. Also, WhatsApp may not work on many iPhone models still running iOS 10 and iOS 11.

WhatsApp may soon add a camera shortcut for iPhone users, report says

WhatsApp has submitted a new update through the TestFlight beta program, bringing the version to The version marked in WhatsApp settings is and the TestFlight version is 22.19.0.

It looks exactly like the one implemented on WhatsApp for Android beta (but since there was a bug, it was temporarily removed in another update), the report says.

Since this shortcut is currently under development, it is still not visible to users as WhatsApp plans to release it in a future app update, he added.

Earlier this month, a report said WhatsApp was working on a new feature for businesses to allow them to manage chats from their linked devices in an upcoming WhatsApp business subscription service.

WhatsApp: how to hide your profile picture from an unwanted contact? Just press this button

To improve your experience on the Meta application, WhatsApp has developed several options to facilitate exchanges with your contacts. It is thus possible to preserve the confidentiality of your account and adapt the settings to your needs. Learn how to hide your profile picture from one of your contacts without using another app.

How to hide your profile picture from certain contacts on WhatsApp?

With social networks, privacy can quickly become public by sharing a lot of personal information on certain applications. If you wish keep confidential certain information that you do not wish to disclose on the instant messaging application, WhatsApp lets you do it. For example, it can sometimes be embarrassing for some of your contacts to see your profile picture, here’s how not to show it to certain contacts on WhatsApp.

  • Change your privacy settings on WhatsApp

To hide your WhatsApp profile picture from any of your contacts, you can follow these few steps on Android and iOS mobile phones. If you own an iPhone, go to your mobile phone settings, then to “Account”, then “Privacy”, “Profile photo” and select “My contacts except” and you can choose the contacts to who you want to hide your profile picture. For Android smartphone owners, you can also go to the settings of the WhatsApp application. Press the three vertical dots at the top right of your device and click on “Settings”, then “Account”, “Privacy” and go to the “Profile photo” menu. Select the option “My contacts except” and do the same manipulation as on iOS.

Find out how to hide your profile picture on WhatsApp from all your contacts

If you want to maintain your privacy on the WhatsApp application, you can hide the profile picture of your account from all your contacts. It happens, in fact, that you do not want to show your face on social networks and for that, follow the following steps. On iPhone, go again to the settings of the WhatsApp application, then to “Account”, then “Privacy”, “Profile photo” and select “Person”. On Android phones, go to “Settings”, then to “Account”, and go to “Privacy”, and to “Profile photo”, then choose “Person”. You will be able to keep your profile picture privately safe from all your contacts on the instant messaging app.

New features have emerged on WhatsApp to preserve your privacy

The application offers new features that will be rolled out gradually to ensure the privacy of its users. It would now be possible to leave a group on WhatsApp without the chat contacts being aware. Only the group administrator will be notified of this exit. Soon, it will also be possible to hide your “online” status directly in the application settings. The same goes for displaying the last connection time on chats with your contacts. The user will be able to choose the contacts who will be able to see his activity or if he wishes, he may not share this information.

WhatsApp is always innovating its application by regularly releasing new features so that its users have a pleasant experience on the application.

WhatsApp: this new feature that allows you to quickly find messages

WhatsApp is working on a feature that will allow users to search for a message by date, one of the most trusted sources for updates related to the Meta-owned messaging platform. This option, according to the blog, was first spotted in 2020, was “discontinued” after a while, and is now being developed again.

How will the feature work on WhatsApp?

In the screenshot, it can be seen that a calendar icon will appear when you search for a message in a conversation. By clicking on it, you will be able to jump to a certain date and read all the messages you have received on that date. The date view can be skipped by simply scrolling through the conversation.

How to read WhatsApp messages without the sender knowing – but that’s bad news for iPhone users

WHATSAPP users can see messages without the sender’s knowledge, but there’s a catch, according to a social media user.

TikTok user @ojtechhd has shared a simple trick that allows users to view WhatsApp messages without opening them.


The hack prevents WhatsApp from notifying senders of a message that it has been read.

However, the trick only seems to work with Android devices, so iPhone users are out of luck.

How it works?

First, the TikTok user went to their device’s home screen and scrolled down.

Then they held down the screen with their thumb for about a second until an array of options appeared at the bottom.

Then they tapped on Widgets, and from there selected “WhatsApp”.

After scrolling through the WhatsApp widget, they pressed “Add”.

This adds the WhatsApp widget to your home screen, which also lets you preview your messages on the app.

If you change your mind and want to remove the widget from your home screen, you can just tap and hold it until you see “remove”.

Since going live, the Android hack has received over 1,300 likes.

Hundreds of users have also taken to the comments section to express their thoughts on the handy hack.

“Great job, love it,” one person said.

“Literally awesome,” remarked a second TikTok user.

Long-awaited new WhatsApp feature gives more control over “last seen”

WhatsApp finally extends the tests of the function which allows to select specific contacts not to see your “last seen”. This feature is an old request from platform users, who currently need to completely disable the warning if they want to hide this information from someone.

A site specializing in WhatsApp beta features, the feature that was previously reserved for Android testers also came to iOS last Saturday. For now, not everyone who uses the trial version has the model.


Last seen on WhatsApp

Users can find the new visibility page by going to privacy settings and selecting the new “My contacts except…” option. It can also be done with other information such as profile picture and rating. With status messages, the feature seems to be unavailable yet.

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