WhatsApp is working on a useful new feature.

The “Multi-device 2.0” feature of the messaging app is under development. Its aim is to allow users to link an additional secondary mobile device to their WhatsApp account in a future update.

A double mobile support

WhatsApp users will be able to chat on two devices at the same time, with the same account. And this, without the need for an active Internet connection on the main device to send messages.

Clearly, when users log into WhatsApp from a secondary mobile device, they will see all of their chats and history.

What will change

As of now, WhatsApp has already rolled out multi-device support. This allows you to use your account on four other terminals, in addition to your mobile. This is possible via a desktop application or WhatsApp Web. But this support does not allow to use the application on a second mobile device. Here is the novelty.

As mentioned, this feature is under development, so it is not ready to be released to beta testers. And for the stable version, you will have to be even more patient.


Whatsapp has become the most sought after and popular mode of communication. We are all aware of the indispensability of this instant messaging platform when it comes to keeping in touch with our family and friends. Since this application works through the internet, its usefulness is far greater than the text messaging service that works over an active phone connection or tower network. Considering the ubiquity of the Internet these days, Whatsapp has become an extremely popular tool.

In addition, this application is constantly enriched with updates and original features at the request of its users and customers. These updates and features are extremely useful to keep in touch more easily.

Now let’s talk about a very interesting feature, Whatsapp GROUP CHATS! Groups are basically very convenient when it comes to communicating effectively within the same group of people. Suppose someone wants to convey something regarding a family party, office meeting, etc. Whatsapp group chats are an ideal solution as they effectively deliver a message to multiple people at once.

Many tech and multinational companies also use the group chat feature to make decisions and brainstorm strategies.

But let’s try to see the other side of the coin of this function. Control of a group is usually limited to the administrator or administrators. They are the ones who are able to add or remove someone from the group. No other participant has the freedom to do so, or else he must recover himself as the administrator of the Whatsapp group.

This can sometimes be a little worrying for other members, as they may not be willing to consider the opinions, ideas and messages of the person in question.

In this situation, admin may want to remove someone from Whatsapp group without their knowledge, or sometimes other members may want to remove someone from Whatsapp group without being admin.

WhatsApp could finally allow two phones to use the same account

The teams of WhatsApp are developing a feature that allows two phones to use the same account. It could be quickly deployed on the beta version of the application.

WhatsApp is slowly but surely improving in terms of multi-media support for a single account.

A WhatsApp account for two smartphones, soon a reality?

The platform is said to be developing a synchronization of chats between different mobile devices. In other words, it would finally be possible to use the same WhatsApp account on two smartphones at the same time, which is currently impossible.

However, you will have to be patient in order to take advantage of it since the function is still under active development. It is not yet available on the beta version of WhatsApp, so we should not see it land on the stable version of the app for several months, or even longer.

A multi-media experience still very perfectible

WhatsApp has already deployed multi-device support to use its account on four other terminals in addition to its mobile, via a desktop application or WhatsApp Web. But above all, it allowed you to access your WhatsApp from a desktop medium, not from another smartphone. And according to our tests, the system is still largely perfectible. It is not very comfortable to have to regularly scan a QR code with your phone to access the desktop account and the synchronization often fails.

We do not know if the future update will resolve these concerns, but we can in any case wonder how this feature under development will work to use WhatsApp on two mobiles. Will the experience be fluid between the two terminals, or will we still have a primary device and a secondary device that depends on the first? We hope to have the answers to these questions soon.

WhatsApp: The history of your conversations can soon be synchronized on several devices

As part of the development of a feature allowing the use of a WhatsApp account on several Android devices, the messaging application also wishes to offer the possibility to its users to synchronize the history of their conversations between these different devices.

This new feature was spotted in the WhatsApp for Android beta version update ( Users should therefore soon be able to access all of their conversations on another device.

No deployment date announced

But this process may take more or less time depending on the number and size of exchanges. During synchronization, WhatsApp will display a message identical to that which can already be seen on the web version of the application: “Chats are still synchronizing, old messages are temporarily unavailable”.

This functionality will be integrated into the future Companion mode, currently under development. It is a mode to link WhatsApp account to other mobile devices without an active internet connection on the main device in order to send messages. WhatsApp had indicated last June that the application could work on four devices at the same time, without specifying a date for the deployment of this feature, which is eagerly awaited by users.

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