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WhatsApp: You will finally be able to leave an incognito group with this new feature

WhatsApp: You will finally be able to leave an incognito group with this new feature

Have you ever hesitated to leave a WhatsApp group so as not to show yourself? Then this info should be of interest to you. Group messaging app Meta is reportedly considering launching a new feature to leave a group incognito, without notifying other members.

Group admins will be aware

The social network owned by Meta is clear: “Only you and the administrators will be notified of a group outing. This new functionality, if it were to see the light of day, would also be available on the desktop version of the application, in other words on a computer.

At the end of January, a reflection had been initiated around a paid version of the application. This would allow users to increase the storage space for their conversations. No indication has been provided as to when the next update will be released.

WhatsApp should soon let you leave a group quietly

WhatsApp, a constantly evolving application

If you left WhatsApp during confinement and you come back today, you risk being greatly surprised by all the additions implemented in a few months by Facebook (Meta) to restore the instant messaging application to its former glory. number one in the world.

We don’t know if it was the fear of seeing a massive exodus to Signal or Telegram competitors that caused this sudden awareness at Mark Zuckerberg’s firm, but we were treated to more news and announcements. in three months than in the previous three years…

If our favorite feature is undoubtedly the arrival of reactions, which we hope to see improved even more quickly with a free and unlimited choice, we also do not forget the Meta group’s desire to strengthen security and confidentiality. accounts, with for example the possibility of hiding his status from particular users to preserve his, relative, anonymity.

Among all the other features already in place or expected in the year, the group’s biggest announcement, however, concerns the establishment of communities, to stick to the competition, and many improvements related to groups.

Leaving a group will soon no longer be a bad memory for runaways

The idea of ​​“Communities” is to form thematic groups so as to easily organize themselves within a set of groups. A particularly interesting feature for companies, schools, condominiums, etc.

Aware of the importance of these groups, Meta has decided to increase file sharing up to 2 GB per object (against 100 MB currently…), to improve voice calls by allowing up to 32 people to participate and finally to increase the size of the groups from 256 to 512 people!

A reinforced community aspect, but which can quickly become oppressive and counterproductive if several thousand messages a day are sent to you. And while most of us will take advantage of the mute mode so as not to be disturbed, some might simply want to leave a group if it no longer suits us.

WhatsApp: the features of the future premium offer are starting to take shape

Already mentioned for several weeks, the paying formula of WhatsApp seems a little more specific today. Indeed, a new leak reveals two features that will be made available to subscribers.

If the WhatsApp application was paid for in its infancy, in 2016 it opted for a free download in order to align itself with the strategy pursued by its competitors. However, rumors from the corridor have been suggesting for some time now the return of a subscription, this time optional, to the instant messaging system owned by the Meta group. However, not everyone will be affected by this novelty.

An offer for professionals

Thus, this paid formula will only concern the WhatsApp Business application, and not that intended for all users.

First of all, professional users will be able to use their account on a dozen devices simultaneously. Then it will be possible to customize a URL once every 90 days. The address will be in the format wa.me/ and will therefore be able to redirect customers safely.

For the moment, WhatsApp has not indicated the price or even the release date of its future subscription.

Soon the drama will end when you leave a WhatsApp group

WhatsApp will allow users to quietly exit a group chat.

At the moment, when a user decides to leave a WhatsApp group, all participants receive a message indicating that he has left. However, that may soon change.

Delete discreetly

It would soon be possible to leave a multi-party conversation without all participants noticing. Clearly, only the administrator will receive a notification when a member leaves a group chat. The feature is currently under development. Soon, it will be part of a future update of the application, therefore of the beta version of WhatsApp on Android and iOS. There is no indication of when this feature will be rolled out in the final version of the app.

“Going forward, this information will only appear to group admins. Group admins should always be aware of what’s going on in their groups, so it’s necessary to show them who left a group. Note that even though the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp Desktop Beta , the feature will surely be released on the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS in the future,” WhatsApp wrote.

Another novelty

In short, with this new feature, when a user leaves a group, the application, only the administrators of the group receive a notification. Other users will not see any alerts displayed. As a reminder, WhatsApp recently extended the group size to a maximum of 512 members.

WhatsApp will also add a new indication to beta version for Android. Concretely, the application will launch the display of a list of former participants within the groups. The option would appear at the bottom of a group chat’s member list.

WhatsApp is about to launch a paid version

The version of WhatsApp intended for professionals should integrate paid options very soon. The messaging application is preparing to launch a Premium offer in WhatsApp Business to allow its professional users to have access to additional features.

A blog entirely dedicated to the application and generally very well informed, having analyzed the content of the beta versions of the Android, iOS application and the Desktop version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Premium, this is the name of this paid option, will allow pro users to use their account simultaneously on a dozen devices.

For now, neither the price nor the date of availability of this WhatsApp Premium offer is known. The only certainty is that this subscription, which will only be available for WhatsApp Business users, will be accessible on Android and iOS as well as on the Desktop version of WhatsApp.