The instant messaging app is set to totally unleash message reactions by letting you use any emoji.

At the beginning of May, WhatsApp inaugurated with great fanfare several new features for users on iOS and Android. In the program, WhatsApp launched the possibility of sending files of up to 2 GB and increased the maximum number of members of a group to 512. After several months of testing, the application also introduced reactions to messages in the form of emojis for all users. Until now, the application made it possible to use six reactions proposed to express a feeling regarding a message received: the thumbs up, the heart, the hilarious, surprised and sad faces, as well as the “High Five “. But WhatsApp has obviously planned to go further with the existing reaction system.

Instant messaging has just deployed to some users of the beta version of its application, a + button located to the right of the existing emojis, allowing you to access and select any emoji available on your smartphone. The feature would currently only be accessible on versions stamped or of WhatsApp beta. It will undoubtedly be necessary to wait a few more weeks, or even a few months, for the functionality to be deployed on a large scale for all users of the stable version of the application.

WhatsApp: more choices in emoji reactions

Two months after adding reactions to messages, WhatsApp slightly improves this function. Instead of being stuck with the 6 emojis imposed by the app, a new “+” button in the row allows you to choose a seventh. We can thus select one that may best suit the feeling we want to express.

This emoji will be attached only to this reaction. When you go to another, the “+” button reappears. If, on the other hand, we wanted to modify the proposed selection of emojis from top to bottom, in order to create a personalized row, it is not for this time.

The reactions of WhatsApp will be even better than those of Telegram thanks to this novelty

WhatsApp is gearing up to give users the ability to react to messages with any emoji.

WhatsApp reactions started arriving in the app several weeks ago, and since then it has become one of the most used and loved features by users of the messaging app. However, it is a feature that many still consider incomplete.

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