From December 3, the mini PlayStation consoles will be in stores, but you can of course already place pre-orders for the mini version of the PSX that contains 20 classic titles. Power Unlimited has figured out where you can order the PlayStation Classic for you.

The PlayStation Classic is 45% smaller than the original PlayStation game console that appeared in 1994 and has 20 games installed on it. The PlayStation Classic comes with two controllers for local multiplayer fun and if you want to know more, you have to click here.

You can currently order the coveted device from various retailers. The suggested retail price for the mini console is 99.99 euros, but Nedgame, and Media Markt are well over the suggested retail price. Fortunately, there are parties such as Foregames and Wehkamp where you simply have to put down the recommended price.

Power Unlimited has a list of Dutch retailers for you:

Wehkamp 99.95 euros

Retro game store99.99 euros

Foregames99.99 euros

GameMania 99.99 euros

Nedgame 109.99 euro (Sold out)

Bol.com109 euros (maximum 2 consoles per order)

Media Markt119 euros

Gameshop Twente – Unknown

Game outlet – Unknown

Console Shop / Cool Blue – Unknown – Unknown – Unknown

Conrad – Unknown

Intertoys – Unknown

Offered abroad Amazon UK PlayStation Classics still on for 107 euros, but these are all sold out.