Where is Jenafur? WoW players have been looking for a secret cat for a year

This inconspicuous kitten proved to be a greater challenge for players than all the Ancient Gods combined.
The most important information:

  • Patch 8.2.5 debuted on September 24, 2019. for World of Warcraft. Along with him, a task appeared in the game that allows you to get a new pet: the Jenafur cat;
  • after almost a year, players still don’t know how to complete the mission allegedly related to Jenafur;
  • The case was commented by the World of Warcraft developers from Blizzard, who wished the community good luck in solving the puzzle.

Few things awaken the human imagination as much as secrets. Game developers know about it and hence the mass of easter eggs and more or less easy to solve puzzles. It happens, however, that developers hide the secrets of the title so carefully that it takes months or even years to discover them. These include the task with a secret pet, which has been bothering the community for almost a year World of Warcraft.

Where are you, Jenafur?

Jenafur the Cat (because we are talking about him / her) is a battle pet that players learned about in the files of Update 8.2.5, when it hit the World of Warcraft Public Test Server in mid-August 2019. Pet is distinguished by access to abilities that indicate its connection to the Ancients of God, suggesting the intriguing story behind its acquisition.

The inconspicuous elf woman begins a task that depresses even the best secret hunters of Azeroth.

Following the patch debut on September 24, players went to work and found a job that should lead them to Jenafur. A new NPC appeared in the game – Amara Lunastar. In the eastern part of Ashenvale, the night elf mentions a cat left somewhere, which is probably Jenafur. When we express the will to take care of her pet, we can go to the Elwynn forest, where, apart from the lady who trades in war cats (Crazy Lady Cat), we will find an empty bowl with unusual cuts (probably after tentacles that Jenafur can summon in battle), and next to her, cat balls food pointing towards the refreshed Karazhan Dungeon. If we go there after talking with Amara, our character will be able to pick up 20 types of food (divided into 4 categories), although we can only “hold” them for five minutes.

World of Warcraft’s greatest secret

Unfortunately, this is where the stairs begin. Further tips – more cat food balls in Karazhan, new dialogue line of the organist staying there, etc. – are extremely unclear. The players guess it’s about arranging the food found in the dungeon in a certain order, or the melody of the organ. However, after more than 11 months, no one has come close to solving the puzzle, despite the various and reliable tips that appear from time to time on the web. This fact was noted by the creators World of Warcraftwho on Twitter wish the community good luck in discovering the secrets of Jenafur.

The developers’ entry gave some players hope about the possibility of solving the Jenafur puzzle. Others, however, interpreted it as a mockery of the creators, who finally managed to hide something so carefully that even looking into the game files turned out to be insufficient to complete the task. Previous WoW secrets ceased to be secrets within days or weeks after their appearance in the game. Meanwhile, it will soon be a year since Amara’s cat started hiding somewhere in Azeroth. The question is, is this evidence of a sophisticated cue, or are they so awkwardly tangled up that they’re not worth a pound of lint (not necessarily a feline)? And will it be possible to discover where Jenafur is also before we get to the Shadowlands expansion?

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