Where is the WhatsApp backup on Google Drive and what is it for

We are going to explain to you where to find WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, also explaining what these data are for. On Android, the storage where you can make backup copies of the application is Google Drive, and thanks to them you can later restore conversations when you start the app on a new mobile, or when you have accidentally deleted one.

But what we are going to explain is where that copy is stored and why you cannot see it when you enter Google Drive. Is a hidden copy that you will not be able to download in any way to prevent it from being manipulated, so we will also explain what it is for and what you can do with it.

Where is the WhatsApp backup

The WhatsApp backup is uploaded to the Application Data folder, which is not accessible to the user. To access it, go to Google Drive, and after pressing the gear icon click on the Settings option that will appear in the small pop-up menu that will appear.

A window will open with different configuration options, and where by default you will enter the general configuration. However, here is not what we need, and what you have to do is click on the Manage applications section that you will see in the column on the left in third place.

Once you enter Manage applications you will see a list with all the apps that are connected to Google Drive to synchronize their data. Look for the WhatsApp application in this list and you will have found where the data is synchronized. The only thing you can do with them, since they are not accessible, is to disconnect WhatsApp from Drive to cut the creation of backup copies.

What is the data for and what happens if you disconnect it

In this section where you have found the backup copies of WhatsApp is where Google Drive stores the data of the apps synchronized with your account and they offer data synchronization via the cloud. For example, when a game connects to Play Games to synchronize data in the cloud with this service, this data is stored in this section of Drive.

This means that when you recover a WhatsApp backup on Android, whether you have restarted the application or if you are using it from a new mobile, the data, photos and all the conversations that will be synchronized so that everything is as you left it last. once are obtained from this copy In Google Drive

Once you find the WhatsApp profile in Drive, the only thing you can do is disconnect the application by clicking on the Options button. When you do, you will have unlinked WhatsApp from your Google account, and you will no longer be able to make backup copies. In addition, the data that you may have will be deleted.

If you decide to delete the copy, the next time you enter WhatsApp and try to make a copy of your data, you will see an error message that warns you that something has failed, and you will have to go to “Settings”> “Chats” > “Backup” to log back in with your Google account and sync the data again.

If you enter your WhatsApp account from a new mobile, or uninstall the application from your current mobile when your copies are unlinked or deleted from Google Drive, you will lose all your chats and photos and you will have to start over from scratch.

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