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Who is Fortnite’s bus driver?

Who is Fortnite’s bus driver?

Who is the Fortnite bus driver?

The Fortnite Bus Driver, while a household name to players, is a rather elusive figure in Fortnite lore. We don’t know much about the character. We don’t really know what they look like or what their real name is. We don’t even know exactly what their gender is, though most community members have referred to the bus driver using the pronouns he/him. The only mention of the pilot using pronouns by the Fortnite Twitter account that we could find refers to the pilot using neutral pronouns.

When was the bus driver introduced in Fortnite?

The Bus Driver may have been in the game since the very beginning of the game’s inception, but the Driver hasn’t always had the same fanfare. Thanking the bus driver didn’t even become an in-game option until 2018. Kody started the petition after a while of fans discussing wanting to thank the driver. For this reason, we would say that community interest in the Fortnite Bus Driver really grew in 2018.

What can you do with the bus driver in Fortnite?

You can do some interactions with the bus driver in Fortnite. The most popular action you can do with the bus driver is to thank him. Thanking the bus driver doesn’t do anything special. It’s just a token gesture that many players find amusing. Similarly, you can also tip the bus driver once the bus lands. This will give you a scream in-game, but it’s otherwise an action that’s just for fun.

The creators of Fortnite position themselves once and for all on the subject of NFTs

A few days ago, Mojang Studios, developer of the very famous sandbox game Minecraft, spoke about whether or not to introduce NFTs in its cubic title. And if the developer has totally refused the implementation of these within his game, not wanting to create any inequality between the players, Epic Games boss Tim Sweeney was also asked about it, whether or not he was against this new digital technology. The latter was more open.

NFTs in Epic Games games? The half-hearted answer

Tim Sweeney gave his opinion on NFTs. Often a sign of real progress in the field of technology, some do not see them very favorably, because of the many scams that exist.

However, despite the few controversies they have generated, Epic Games director says each studio is free to do what they wantand that “shops and OS makers shouldn’t interfere by imposing their opinion on others, we definitely won’t.”

This therefore means, to be a little clearer, that it is not specifically against NFTs, and that it will not prevent the studio’s digital store from hosting games that offer this somewhat special sales system. .

Fortnite x NFTs, a possible marriage? Nope !

Regarding the studio’s Battle Royale, the president is a little less “lender” shall we say. Indeed, if he is not against the possibility for players to buy NFTs for some of the games present in the Epic Games Store, at least according to his very recent declarations, with regard to Fortnite, the subject is a little more sensitive and thorny.

Reddit users have not forgotten what he may have said before and they have indeed got their hands on some of these statements dated September 2021, still through the social network of the blue bird.

If today he seems to accept NFTs, his words were indeed very different a few months ago, especially when the subject concerned the arrival of NFTs in Fortnite. Tim Sweeney said at the time, “We’re not touching NFTs because the whole field is currently enmeshed in a thick mix of scams, skewed tech bases, and scams.”

Fortnite: Save the World is five years old and celebrates it like this

Fortnite will be five years old on July 25, 2022. Although at this point in the film, saying “Fortnite” is usually equivalent to Battle Royale mode, in this case we’re referring to the base game. To Save the World, wow, which is the initial concept of the popular Epic Games video game. In this news we tell you about the changes and novelties added to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the game:

Fortnite celebrates its fifth anniversary: ​​here’s how Save the World celebrates it

In addition to this, if we eliminate a total of 30 cake explosive enemies (the big envelopes that, instead of carrying propane canisters, now carry explosive cakes), we can also get an additional new birthday llama. For destroying a total of fifteen ice machines, freezers or refrigerators, we will have another additional birthday llama.

As if that weren’t enough, we can also get a free Birthday Llama from the Event Shop. It can be “purchased” for the price of 0 x-ray tickets.

Anniversary Llamas allow us to improve our equipment and staff in our base (or progress in the collection book), as they give us heroes and items from previous seasons and events.

As we mentioned, this celebration only takes into account Fortnite: Save the World. Fortnite Battle Royale’s fifth anniversary will be on September 26, 2022. We have to wait until then to see what kind of celebration and free rewards Epic Games will bring to its flagship.

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently in Chapter 3 Season 3. In our complete guide to the game, we cover every angle of the game, like how to complete Summer Missions without Overwhelming (the 2022 Summer Event), or how to get to Indiana Jones .