The advantages of refurbished at Certideal

First of all, know that the refurbished market offers many advantages to buyers. In addition to attractive prices on 100% restored products, attractive warranties are included.

For its refurbished electronic devices (iPhone, Samsung or iPad), Certideal notably offers a guaranteed for a period of 2 years following the purchase. It should be noted that the reconditioning specialist provides support for the diagnosis, repair or replacement of the device in the event of problems; as well as the shipping costs to return the device.

In addition to this, the French platform has interesting arguments for consumers, such as the payment in 3 or 4 installments ; a dispatch of the order within 48 hours ; or even a 21-day money-back guarantee in the event that the purchase does not meet expectations. Regarding reconditioning processCertideal announces that 30 checkpoints are carried out on each product to ensure that it is fully operational.

The iPhone 11, a wise choice in 2022

In case you want to do the acquisition of a new iPhone without breaking the bank, refurbished is the right solution. The most interesting thing is to bet on slightly older devices to take advantage of the most attractive prices while having up-to-date technologies, as with the iPhone 11. Certideal also offers the iPhone 11 at a price starting at 382 €.99 for the version with 64 GB of storage. The iPhone 11 Pro is trading for its part from €514.99, against €620.99 for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Despite the fact that they were released in 2019, the iPhone 11 enjoy notable advantages, making them stand out as models that are still relevant, due to their technical data sheet. Indeed, this generation takes advantage of the powerful chip Apple A13 Bionic, ensuring sufficient performance for all applications and even the most demanding video games. In terms of security, Face ID is obviously in the game, thus offering a very effective facial recognition technology to protect your smartphone.

Whether with two rear cameras for the iPhone 11 or three for the iPhone 11 Pro, the photo and video quality is always up to date on its models. The latter thus ensure to capture memories and moments of life in a fast and realistic way. On the side of thescreen, the OLED is not included, but the quality of the LCD panel remains very good in order to reproduce the colors correctly. Last important point, specific to the iPhone, the long tracking software from Apple, ensuring users can enjoy the latest versions of iOS for up to 5 years after release.

For those who have a little more budget, know that the Refurbished iPhone 12 are also good options. They mainly allow you to take advantage of two advantages compared to the iPhone 11: the return of the flat-edged design; as well as MagSafe magnet technology. For your information, be aware that Certideal offers the mini model at a price of around €460; the standard €575; the Pro for €875; and the Pro Max the 910 €.

iPhone 14, the right time to wait?

The new 2022 range should be made up of four models like last year, but without the mini model and its small diagonal of 5.4″ whose sales would have been disappointing. There would therefore only be two diagonals with two 6.1″ models (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro) and two 6.7″ (iPhone 14 Max or iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro Max). This is the first time that Apple has offered a very large 6.7″ model without it being a Pro model.

In terms of design, no revolution. The classic iPhone 14s are expected to be virtually identical to their predecessors, with their notch on the front and dual cameras diagonally on the back. The iPhone 14 Pro, on the other hand, should be distinguished by a new organization of the sensors at the front which would take the form of a double punch, while the three cameras at the back would be even more imposing than on the latest models. On Pro models, the margins around the screen could be slightly reduced. Regarding the connector, it would still be the Lightning format: the switch to USB-C would rather be done with the iPhone 15 next year.

Like every year, Apple should unveil a new processor but the Apple A16 chip could be reserved for Pro models, the classic iPhone 14s being satisfied with a version of the Apple A15 chip with 2 GB of additional RAM. The entire range, on the other hand, should benefit from the switch to more efficient Wi-Fi 6E and the adoption of a new, faster and above all more energy-efficient 5G modem.

Regarding the cameras, the great novelty of this year should concern the wide-angle of the Pro models which would increase from 12 to 48 megapixels, which will make it possible to take photos in higher resolution, to better crop the photos and to perform zooms. quality digital. The iPhone 14 Pro would support pixel binning, a technique which consists of using pixels in groups of four in order to obtain better-lit 12-megapixel shots than with a conventional sensor: there would therefore also be progress in low brightness. The telephoto lens should remain stuck at 3X: the adoption of a periscopic model is expected for next year. On all models, Apple should integrate a much better front camera, with autofocus and better light sensitivity.

Another development that should be reserved for Pro models, a new OLED panel with a version of ProMotion technology capable of going down to 1 Hz should allow the implementation of an always-on screen feature without the battery suffering. too. This is something that has existed for several years on some Android smartphones: it is simply a question of offering the possibility of displaying the time and important notifications, on a black background, permanently.

There remains the question of the reorganization of the range and especially of the prices. As usual, Apple should keep a selection of older models in its catalog. The iPhone 11 should be retired, and we should then find a selection of iPhone 12 and 13 (without Pro versions but with at least one mini model) whose price should be lowered, in addition to the traditional iPhone SE entry level. As for the prices of the iPhone 14 range, on the other hand, we can fear a general increase: on the one hand there are supply difficulties resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, price increases for components because of the current geopolitical situation, and on the other hand a particularly weak euro which could push Apple to increase all of its prices in Europe.


The 128 GB Wi-Fi + 5G version is only 993.90 euros instead of the usual 1,069 euros. This is one of the best models of the iPad Pro because the 11-inch version is a size that suits the majority of users and this model is 5G compatible, so you can always connect it if you have an adequate multi-SIM option. At this price, it’s hard not to crack.

iPad Pro: the Apple tablet is at a reduced price

The 2021 iPad Pro features the M1 processor, the same found in the MacBook Air, iMac, or MacBook Pro. This makes the tablet even more efficient, and you will take full advantage of it at the start of the school year with iPadOS 16 and its Stage Manager function which allows you to use several apps simultaneously, including on an external screen. The screen of this iPad Pro, precisely, is still of very good quality with a diagonal of 11 inches and a refresh at 120 Hz. The iPad Pro 2021 continues in the line of the previous ones with great finesse and compatibility with the keyboard Magic Keyboard and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. This model incorporates 5G connectivity in addition to Wi-Fi, and it is equipped with 128 GB of internal storage.

Here’s everything we know so far about the 2022 iPad Pro

Design and display: no 11-inch miniLED model

Rumors of a new design for the 2022 iPad Pro began in June 2021.

Wireless charging replaces the usual power cable with an inductive pad, making it easier for users to recharge their device’s battery. It has become a common feature in smartphones, but is a rarity among tablets. Apple added wireless charging to iPhones in 2017 and updated it last year with a magnet-based MagSafe system that ensured more consistent charging speeds.

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