Why can’t I stop playing Destiny?

Destiny is everything you probably heard about it: a repetitive, punishing, basic, irritating and even frustrating game but it is also a game for which there is no middle ground. This is because for others it will be an incredible product, an authentic addiction, a brilliant intellectual property, a new bombastic work by the talented members of the Bungie studio and of course, that game that we couldn’t stop playing. The truth is this, if Destiny’s weaknesses endured and went beyond level 20, most likely they will no longer be able to quit the game. Doing the math, it’s been four months since the launch of this controversial product and its servers are still full of Guardians.

I decided to enter the world of Destiny sometime in the middle of November, a time that – I didn’t know – was quite sensitive. Of course, any time is good to enter a game, but in this case, an MMOFPS with an expansion on the way and already three months of existence, could easily be lost in an abyss somewhere without knowing what to do. My luck is that the community dedicated to Destiny is spectacular. It was one of the main factors for holding on to the game and one of the important ways to continue to get satisfaction from it. This is because, as I mentioned, having been launched on 9 September, starting to play in November put me very far from those who had played it since the launch and in a kind of time trial race until the launch of the expansion to prevent it from remaining further back compared to the vast majority.

Destiny starts as yet another banal FPS with beautiful visuals and mechanics that feel familiar to anyone who has ever played a game in the Halo series made by Bungie. The story is pathetic and we quickly feel that the level design is highly basic. Still, thanks to the website / application of the game and the Grimoire cards, we learned that the entire universe that the studio created from scratch is spectacular and profound, even though it has a lot of similarities with Halo. At some point we started step by step and grow in the game and learned the mechanics of the gameplay. Be it in the domain of specific classes and skills such as increasing levels, buying weapons and armor.

Thanks to Strikes Playlists and the way it is structured, we always have a new goal in front of us, whether it’s to level up to access more difficult Strikes and get better rewards, or to unlock weapon / armor skills and become more powerful. Destiny seems to share that feeling of highly astute and ingenious mathematical calculation that Bungie demonstrated in the Halo series: all apparently very simple but with a lot of depth and an incredible ability to achieve. Mathematical ballet would say some.

The math is highly devised in Destiny because its numbers are random and if this is normal in many products on the PC, on consoles it is still relatively recent. It is one of the most bitter and controversial points of this product and you can be sure that after spending an afternoon playing in the hope of having better items just to receive something inferior or even what can be considered as garbage is devastating. Still, while shouting profanity at the game and the studio, while swearing that we no longer play Destiny, behold, after a few moments we come back to hit some more daily missions and try to find that exotic that we want.

Raids are two of the biggest challenges and on both Venus and the Moon, every week players look for the best and most desired treasures with one or even three characters. Get some shards or a legendary ship there for you who expected a Vision of Confluence, not to mention that Gjallahorn guy, get a stupidly weak weapon or that I can’t even use in my class you who were the best in Crucible (the competitive multi-player) ) while the one who didn’t even kill anyone leaves with a legendary shotgun. Destiny manages to be cruel and unbearable, really horrible. To the point of shouting obscenities at the TV. However, when we find a good company and we are immersed in the gameplay, cooperating with cool people, Destiny works wonderfully.

My luck was that with the arrival of the first expansion I was given access to equipment to reach 31 without having to resort to the Vault of Glass. This left a large part of the community with the bitter feeling that they had three months to play for nothing while the novices had their lives highly facilitated. This feeling is real and cannot be denied but I believe that Bungie tried to reconcile the best of both worlds: seeking to captivate new players (in the Christmas promotions) allowing the post-level 20 game to not be so complicated and monstrous, while still maintaining a a certain level of respect for the “veterans”, after all only these brave warriors have the best weapons in the game (except for a few lucky ones who “drip” Exotics while walking).

At a certain point, there was an almost hostile atmosphere in the Destiny nights, in the forums and in the communities. People believed that they had been duped and that the expansion only served greedy corporate interests. The price is still high for the content it offers, but it still injected a considerable dose of novelty into the product. However, it further intensified the notion that Bungie is a brilliant studio but that for a strange reason it does not fail to give one to the harpsichord and the other to the horseshoe. Be it in the incredible errors (bugs) that affect the game, or in the exploitation of artifices to spread with cheese the most difficult modes of the game, for each one that Bungie manages to do well, there is skewed with another one.

We continued to play, accumulating almost 100 hours of gameplay on the same levels, patrolling them for specific items that can now be purchased and so the players who invested dozens of hours in farming were insulted, the idea that Bungie is good in what he does but who is still in a process of trial and error is increasingly steadfast. Destiny ceases to be commonplace when we no longer worry about almost nonexistent history, and the need to resort to letters to deepen knowledge, ceases to be another commonplace FPS when we have a lot of fun with the good things we have and we don’t let ourselves be anymore affected by errors that could be considered very serious. It is because what is good is really very good.


Destiny will chase away many but the others will fall in love. Manage cookie settings

Just to think that in mere months Bungie created habits in the players, created ways to play and created a whole new concept that could easily be seen as a spiritual successor to Halo (which is now in the hands of another studio) because it crosses the past with the future. At one point I really felt that Destiny might as well have Halo in the name if the studio could, this is Bungie’s vision for what Halo should become in this generation of consoles with a much more social aspect and in which communities are make the same games after the studios launch them.

Of course, I couldn’t finish without mentioning Xûr, that already mythical figure. The salesman who only works on the weekend is one of the biggest reasons why we work hard all week. Of course, since Bungie is not a studio that seems to enjoy playing with players, what it sells can be almost insulting. Imagine working a week to earn Strange Coins and on Friday it arrives with nothing that deserves to be bought generating a wait of another week. Almost as if it were a bad TV series but we can’t help but follow for whatever reason, Destiny manages to leave us clinging even when it seems to insult us and day after day there we are looking to improve the armor to be able to play in in all ways and to try to help those in need.

The only certainty I have is that every Tuesday there I go running to complete a Nightfall or Weekly Strike, always waiting to gather guys for a new foray into Crota’s End or Vault of Glass. Every day I run to the Tower to receive Erin’s or Vanguard’s daily, thus increasing the power of my weapons, receiving materials to improve armor and always on the lookout to find another exotic, or at least a good legendary one to fire some shots at. with the guys. Destiny is, for better or for worse, a Bungie job and anyone who has followed this studio since the Halo series knows that his talent is guaranteed.

I would like to end with compliments to the whole community dedicated to this game that every night is there to fill this world with life. People whose laughter, screams, jokes, laments or even banal conversation I hear and have become somehow familiar. I know that at some point Destiny was ready to be pulled over, but so I opened the door to multiplayer and got to know an incredible community, I was truly surrendered to this new product from one of the most talented and creative studios. Contrary to expectations, I did not feel fatigue when playing alone, but I felt that, at a certain moment, I needed to go further and that was when Destiny shone in its maximum splendor.

Be it Freeman (our Adolfo), Fearme (our Laurel), Carbono, Cormax, Ghostbusters, or members of other communities that some may even know, like AlexSoares, Aloutre, or Daimon, I want to thank you all for company, lessons and somehow helped me to like Destiny even more. Without you this masochism of immense pleasure would never have been possible. Now I want to become even better.

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