Is Boba Fett dead? Is he alive? Return? Or will someone else hide in the legendary armor then? Season 2 of The Mandalorian throws up more and more mysteries to look forward to the premiere even more.

Although Disney + promised announcements for International Streaming Day the other day, our hopes of confirming anything official about The Second Season of The Mandalorian were finally dashed, but instead of extremely important things like the new Muppets series or the Phineas and Ferb movie. Yet the streaming service provider should have told a lot about everything, as news like Rosario Dawson could be Ahsoka Tano or Boba Fett just popping up recently. Although we’ve already dissected the latter’s return in more detail (you can get to the article via the link), now there’s a casting that seems to nuance the picture. We have now tried to explore this by combing the available resources.

In addition to the fact of the casting, The Hollywood Reporter, who aired the joining of Timothy Olyphant, an Emmy nominee for both the Man of the Law series and the Deadwood film, had zero information about who the actor could figure out exactly who next season. Slashfilm then tried to light a light in his head, citing his own sources, but he did just the opposite: he reportedly shot Olyphant scenes wearing Boba Fett’s armor, but this is in stark contrast to the information that had previously come to light.

Recently, THR reported that Temuera Morrison – who is not unfamiliar with the far-far galaxy, as she played Jango Fett in the Attack of the Clones – also signed for the series, namely the role of a bounty hunter of Mandalorian descent (as we know, Jango a specimen of the clone army who raised one of the clones as his son, he was Boba). But if Morrison really is going to be Boba Fett, then how could Olyphant hide in the emblematic armor and who will he really be?

Slashfilm thinks the answer to that too: if it becomes Morrison Boba, they think Olyphant could be nothing more than a mysterious character named Cobb Vanth who made his debut in the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy written by Chuck Wendig and launched in 2015. In the book, Vanth is the self-proclaimed sheriff of Tattooine-based Freetown, who acquires a Mandalorian armor that the Jews have gathered under the wreckage of Jabba’s flying barge.

If you remember it, The Jedi Returns Here, in the Dune Sea of ​​Tatooine, the battle where Boba Fett ended up in the stomach of sarlacc – later, more than non-canonical solutions were found for how he swam away the thousand-year-old digestion. (By the way, at the end of the episode of The Mandalorian’s first season, “The Gunslinger,” a mysterious bounty hunter appeared here, which could have been either Boba Fett or Cobb Vanth, but it was definitely an important detail).

Although Wendig’s work does not articulate it specifically, it does make hints that we might assume that the Javanese Boba’s armor was gubernated and Cobb Vanth acquires it. From here, it is no longer difficult to conclude that Boba Temuera, in the form of Morrison, may try to regain his property from him, for which he may also use the services of Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal), the protagonist of The Mandalorian.

Whatever the solution, it’s sure not going to be an easy thing for someone who wants to hunt down Cobb. The character – who was once a slave – was committed to protecting Freetown and its inhabitants at all costs from the various criminal organizations that try to seize power after Jabba’s death, even making an agreement with the mounders to keep the city safe.

This arms-turning law enforcement role fits in well with Timothy Olyphant, as the actor has already proven in The Man of the Law and Deadwood, among others, so it would be a missed ziccer if he didn’t eventually bring Vanth to life after all. We have to wait until October to find out what the truth is, because then the 2nd season of The Mandalorian will make its debut on Disney + (which is still not officially available in Hungary, it wouldn’t hurt to fix it after the roles).

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