Will CD Project Red start working on a Witcher game after Cyberpunk 2077?

An interview with the head of the studio revealed that they already have very definite plans for the direction they will take after the September Cyberpunk 2077 premiere.

Sure, we’re all amazingly looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, but in addition, many are wondering if the studio is making another Witcher game, as Andrzej Sapkowski’s characters are amazingly popular right now – largely thanks to the Netflix Butter series. Adam Kiciński has now told a Polish newspaper what his plans are for the future.

In an interview with a Polish side called Stooq, the president of CD Project Red told us that after the release of Cyberpunk on September 17, 2077, the development team will be divided into three teams. The largest team will start working on the Cyberpunk multiplayer segment, while the second largest will start making add-ons – The Witcher 3 has also received two huge DLCs, so it’s unlikely they’ll give up this time either.

The most interesting for us is the third, smallest team to start working on “another great single player game”. About this, Kiciński said that they are starting work based on a fundamentally clarified concept, and for that reason, we can reasonably hope that this is another Witcher game. If they were working on a new IP, they probably wouldn’t be talking about a well-defined concept (remember the early years of Cyberpunk 2077 development, when we knew nothing about the game except a CG trailer).

This is further supported by the fact that they have previously talked about wanting to roam the world of The Witcher with more adventures. Nor is it a negligible fact that, thanks to the Netflix series, the series is surrounded by amazing popularity, and it is almost enveloping that a new Witcher game would blow huge.

We’ve talked in previous articles and videos about the directions the studio could take with the games, if you’re interested in the topic, it’s worth taking a look at them as well.

  • Developer: CD Project Red
  • Publisher: CD Project
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Style: Role play
  • Appearance: 5/19/2015

Third, we can hide in the skin of our favorite witcher, Geralt of Rivia, to roll up another grandiose story after the royal assassinations and use our monstrous craft to shred the best.