Will the “diskless” Xbox One arrive next year?

Rumor has it that Microsoft is preparing for 2019 with a completely rethought Xbox console.

We could easily get another Microsoft console next year after Xbox One X.

According to Thurrott, Microsoft would launch its redesigned Xbox One as early as fall 2019, which would completely eliminate optical drives. The “diskless” Xbox One would be part of Microsoft’s current console generation, so we’re in no way confusing it with the release of the next-gen console currently running under the codename Scarlett, which we could shoot for roughly 2020.

The new console would be a more cost-effective variant of existing Xbox One machines, making it much cheaper than before. According to Thurrott information, the redesigned machine will be available in stores for roughly $ 100, which is half the price of current models. In principle, Microsoft is also planning a “disc-to-digital” program that would allow prospective customers to exchange a physical copy of their existing games for a digital download code at resellers.

According to Thurrott sources, the company is also considering a full transition to digital gaming for the next generation Xbox. In principle, Microsoft feels the extent to which this could knock out the fuse for players who still prefer boxed products to this day. And that’s why an Xbox One without an optical drive could arrive as early as fall 2019 to see what compromises gamers can make for a cheaper console.

Would you give up boxed games for the sake of a wallet-friendly console?