Will the new Pokémon remake actually be completely CGI?

So far, we’ve only seen CGI scenes from the film, which many say suggests (at least to the extent of a film) that the Pokémon studio is leaving the drawing solution behind.

The next Pokémon movie will be Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, which promises a reworked version of the first Pokémon movie. Many say we get a full-fledged remake, plus there’s a good chance the whole CGI will be.

The latter is just fan speculation, but not entirely unfounded. All of the little tastes seen so far have shown CGI scenes, and while it’s not uncommon for an anime to take advantage of the digital solution in certain scenes, for now, it looks like this film will be entirely CGI.

“彼 が 帰 っ て 来 る。 9 9 、 ミ ュ ウ ー イ ヤ 動 動

逆襲 ミ ュ ウ ツ ー 逆襲 OL EVOLUTION 」が 月 12 日 ((金) に 公開 決定! 映 公式 サ イ ト で 最新 情報 を チ ッ ク し よ う! https://t.co/Dioc9l3uRY # ミ ュ ュ ュ ミ

– ポ ケ モ ン 公式 ツ イ ッ タ ー (@Pokemon_cojp) 1 Jan 2019

This would be a surprising new direction in the history of the series. In any case, we have to wait for the first full trailer to confirm. The film itself will be screened on July 12, 2019 in Japan.