Obviously, we’ll only be able to play when the clock strikes midnight on the day of release, but in the world of huge files, that’s a big help.

Games are expected to be huge as early as the new generation, and we’ll soon be filling up the storage space on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The large size also means that unless we have a strong enough net, we’ll have to wait a long time to download, and that one bit will always kill our joy on the day of the release. Microsoft, on the other hand, has come up with something that is absolutely user-friendly.

Lords of Gaming writer Jerko Cilas reported that a new feature will allow the Xbox to download games that we didn’t buy, so if you buy a disk copy, for example, the necessary files will already be installed, you just need to let’s do blu-ray and you can start having fun.

Cilas tried this with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, which he didn’t order, but was able to start the download via the beta android app.

Here’s proof that I didn’t preorder Valhalla, but I can install it through the new Xbox preload functionality. For now, you need the Xbox (beta) Android app to initiate the download. Now I can either purchase a 💿 version or the digital one. Either way, the game will be ready. https://t.co/1QR52YWsub pic.twitter.com/TgmO3rfUBk

– Jerko Cilas 🐧 (@DarthChillash) September 23, 2020

Microsoft has not announced anything like this yet, but it would be entirely logical to take this step. The system can already check on an Xbox One whether the logged-in user is authorized to run an installed game. How much time you save also depends on when the files are uploaded to the servers, but we are already ahead if we can start the download 2-3 days before they are released.

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