You may not know this, but the Xbox Series are also great consoles for retrogaming. At the cost of a few tweaks, it is possible, inexpensively, to run an incalculable number of emulated games. There is indeed a version of the famous RetroArch for Microsoft consoles, available when you switch your console to “developer” mode (it costs 14 euros) *

As a reminder, RetroArch is a graphical interface for emulators taking advantage of the Libretro library, which are particularly numerous: from the Amstrad CPC to the PS2 via the Jaguar or the GameCube, we find (almost) all the historical platforms in the form of “cores” to be installed on RetroArch.

Among them there is also DOSBox Pure, an emulator for Microsoft’s venerable OS that allows you to play all games designed for DOS. A few days ago, the developers of DOSBox Pure announced a major software update. Version 0.9.5 indeed offers the possibility not only of installing DOS games, but also an OS on top of them, in particular Windows 95 or Windows 98. It suddenly becomes much easier to run period games designed for Windows, like Diablo, Motocross Madness or Age of Empires. Especially since the software is also able to simulate the presence of a 3dfx Voodoo 2 graphics card, a must in 1998.

Released at the beginning of the summer, The Quarry is the new game from Supermassive Games, in line with its games that look like interactive horror movies, which I really appreciate for my part… Especially when thinking back to Until Dawn!

Originally, this game was a Google exclusive (for Stadia probably), but eventually, this game was handed over to its developer to be released on all platforms! To come to the console versions:


  • 3840 x 2160 with dynamic resolution
    • On the rearview scene, the resolution drops to 3072×1728
  • 30 fps very robust.

Xbox Series X

  • 3840 x 2160 with dynamic resolution
    • On the rearview scene, the resolution drops to 3328×1872
  • 30 fps very robust.

Xbox Series S

  • 2560 x 1440 with dynamic resolution
    • On the rear view mirror scene, the resolution drops to 1621×912
    • On average, we are on 2240×1260
  • Very robust 30 fps (even if the intro has some framerate drops)
  • Depth of field is also rendered at a lower resolution.
  • This creates artifacts on the hair or branches
  • Texture resolutions not as good as Series X (in some cases)
  • The God Rays still exist, but at a lower resolution.
  • The vegetation is less dense.

The game uses Temporal Anti-Aliasing, there is motion blur and depth of field making it difficult to see any real difference on screen between the Series X and PS5 versions of the game. Textures and shadows are strictly identical, except for the God Rays (simulation of the sun’s rays) which are curiously absent from the PS5 version of the game…

They install Windows 98 on an Xbox Series X to play Quake and other retro gems

An excellent operating system!

We must remember that it was with Windows 98 that PC gaming began to have a much more advanced approach, which looked at consoles face to face, thanks to DirectX, Direct3D and the arrival of the first accelerating graphics cards (c that’s what they were called). ) just like the Voodoo 3dfx. Suddenly, games started to look amazing with perfectly modeled 3D environments able to move across the screen with incredible fluidity. The PC has entered a new era.

And of course, it is normal that many gamers have associated with these years an endless list of games that they want to revive in some way, resorting to the very essence of the components of this era. But how could we get it quickly without complicating our existence? And above all, should you go on the second-hand market to acquire a Pentium processor of the time, or a SoundBlaster sound card or a Voodoo 2 graphics card? Well no, there is an easier method: buy an Xbox Series X (or S) from Microsoft itself. This fast.

As you know, the two new Xbox Series are used by many users as high-level emulation platforms for any type of console and personal computer, thanks to a resource that gives a lot of game like RetroArch. Do you know him?

The heart of emulation

Install RetroArch and from there, virtualize an entire Windows 98 as a gateway to every game release we’ve seen over the next eight years the OS has been around. And they are not rare, because only in the video you have above can you enjoy marvels like Quake, which seems to have been one of the main reasons that led those responsible to take up this challenge .

But there is more, in the images of this video we can also see the wonderful three-dimensional environments of masterpieces such as Virtua Fighter, SEGA Rally, Unreal, Homeworld, Half-Life, Wipeout 2097, Turok, etc. All emulated with a resolution of 640×480 pixels and that old aroma of accelerated graphics with a 3dfx card which, for those who have never heard of it, was the equivalent of the Geforce or Radeon that we currently have on the market . Even Nvidia itself started in this field by launching models compatible with the same chip.