With 30 euros saved, Intego spares your wallet

Your Mac deserves to be pampered, and for that, choose an antivirus coverage up to the task, which does not weaken in the face of online threats.

This saves you €30 compared to the current standard price of €49.99 to protect a device under macOS, and it is at this latter price that you can then keep your Intego license. All prices displayed are inclusive of VAT. In addition, if you want to protect more Macs while saving a lot of money, Intego offers several possibilities with its Mac Internet Security X9 solution for 3 and 5 Macs at once, including being able to choose from the start two years of discounted licenses. Finally, a 30-day money-back guarantee is included with your purchase.

This antivirus for your Mac is simply one of the best on the market

Misconceptions about Macs die hard, and the myth that these computers don’t need virus protection persists even as online threats are out there. So, for a hassle-free vacation, choose Mac Internet Security X9 which is simply capable of eliminating up to 100% of the viruses it detects. This is the assurance of not having to blink in the face of a virus.

What’s more, Mac Internet Security X9 has the great advantage of taking full advantage of Intego’s 17 years of expertise on Apple devices. Mac Internet Security X9 is therefore really optimized for macOS and thus has a good tendency not to slow down your machine, for a minimal impact.

A network firewall and 24/7 real-time protection are also included so that your suite protects you as best as possible from viruses. The interface has also been designed to be sufficiently intuitive so that everyone can get started quickly, and thus manage your antivirus in the best possible way, for example by launching a security analysis yourself in case of doubt.

Comparison of the Best Antiviruses for Mac

The myth of the Mac that is invulnerable to viruses and other life-threatening malware. And yet, apple machines can benefit greatly from antivirus softwareespecially if they run on outdated versions of macOS (which is often the case).

We allow ourselves a spoiler to introduce this comparison: all Mac antivirus solutions offer a similar level of protection. It is indeed easier to protect an Apple machine, because its OS is based on the very secure Unix kernel. But all these protections have many points of differentiation that we were happy to compare.

Ultra effective against cyberattacks, this French antivirus is at a great price (-60%)

Do you have an Apple machine and want the best protection for it? This is good because this weekend, the best Mac antivirus published by the French Intego is at an ultra advantageous price.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible not to be exposed to possible cyberattacks. Indeed, whether in the professional context or in everyday life, we spend more and more time connected to the Internet. And even being the most vigilant possible, it is difficult to escape these threats likely to harm us or damage our computers.

Also, to prevent and deal with them, it is better to have an effective cybersecurity solution. So yes, there are many free antiviruses on the market today. However, we do not recommend them since they do not in any way offer a satisfactory level of security like the pro versions.

Among the major players in the field, we can mention Avast, McAfee, Norton, Bitdefender, etc. These are especially popular since they mainly equip computers running under the Windows operating system. If you have an Apple computer, it is recommended to use an antivirus specialized in the Mac OS system.

In this field, it is the French publisher Intego, present on this market for more than 25 years, which offers the best antivirus for Mac. With a solid reputation, the latter has already gained the trust of more than 30 million users worldwide who use its antivirus to protect their Mac. You can now get the Mac Intego antivirus at an ultra advantageous price of 19.99 euros for one year. In the end, the latter therefore amounts to less than 2 euros per month.

It’s a small price paid to ensure the protection of your Mac computer and so that you can sleep peacefully on your two ears. It’s pretty good, considering that usually the price of the yearly subscription costs 49.99 euros, Also, in case you want to convince yourself of its effectiveness, you can try it for free for 30 days .

Why Choose Intego Mac Antivirus?

As we said earlier, Intego is the specialist in antiviruses for Mac. Thanks to experience gained over the years, the French publisher is able to recognize, identify, remove or quarantine threats that could damage your machine better than anyone.

Thanks to a regularly updated database, Intego is able to block the many attempts at phishing, botnets, ramsonware, and other types of security vulnerabilities that could harm your Apple computer.

The other advantage of Mac Intego antivirus is that it does the work discreetly in the background and allows you to stay focused on your work. Compared to other antiviruses, pop-ups pop up on your screen and usually display advertisements. At Intego, the antivirus always asks you beforehand what action to take to eradicate a threat when it detects one.

Also, if you want to go even further, you can opt for the Mac Premium Bundle solution from Intego. Concretely, it allows you to take advantage of the best Intego software for your Mac. In detail, there is a Mac cleaner that can triple the speed of your machine, software for managing automatic cloud backups and a parental control tool.

It is undoubtedly the ideal package to optimize, secure and keep your Mac up to date. As with the antivirus, you get a 30-day trial period to convince yourself of its effectiveness.

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