With this app you can see the price of electricity on your iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch

Sometimes applications don’t need to be fancy or bring advanced technology. Sometimes a simple visualization of well-exposed data is enough to make it useful. This is what is happening with Precio Luz España, a free service to know the electricity tariff and it is present in almost all Apple devices.

The value of knowing what the price of light is

As soon as you start looking at your finances, you wonder how to cut costs. And the drop in the electricity bill is one of the simplest fronts to enter to save. The problem is knowing when it is cheaper to turn on the devices in order to reduce their consumption.

This is the problem that Rubén Fernández solves with his Precio Luz España app. Using a simple table of hours and price per kilowatt-hour, we can know when is the best time. It won’t always be easy to tailor this schedule to our needs, but sometimes you may decide to postpone or group multiple devices within an acceptable range.

With this application I found out that in general it is cheaper to put washing machines on weekends. Or that the dishwasher will spend less after eating during the week. At dawn and late in the day, it’s not a good idea to turn on things that use a lot of electricity. It helps a lot to know the price that the light will have throughout the day and in advance.

Although this all depends, of course, on the type of rate you contracted. Luz España Price shows you the PVPC, so if you have a different price it will not work.

Version for almost all Apple devices

What pleased and surprised me the most was that the developer decided to create a version of his application for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. This are almost all Apple devices. Apple TV is gone, although we can excuse it. It wouldn’t make much sense on this platform.

In the iOS and iPadOS version we have a widget that will show us the price per kilowatt hour at that time, as well as the minimum and maximum of the day. Choosing the best time of day to consume contributes to the fact that the prices that will be in each time slot are published one day before.

View of the application from the Mac, where it displays the hourly rates by clicking on the menu bar.

With the appearance of widgets iOS 14 on the iPhone home, we hope the developer will integrate the functionality into their app. This way we could have always visible and where we want this little one bite d’information. A widget 2 × 2 would be sufficient to display the same information from the widget Currently, another 2 × 4 could incorporate a graph showing the evolution throughout the day.

On the Apple Watch, it would be interesting to have complications to add the hourly rate to the face of the watch.

As for the version for Apple Watch, it only shows us the prices in a table. Here we are also missing a complication that shows per kilowatt-hour of electricity consumption. At least in corner and modular complications. It would be great to know the electric cost at any time and at a glance.

Application library, when the iPhone automatically organizes the applications for us

The Mac version is the closest thing to this, in the sense that in the same menu bar we see an indicator with the rate. If you click on it, the history of the day is displayed, as well as a graph. Luz España Price is a free utility and universal download. The developer offers the possibility of collaborating with his work for 1.09 euros, which if you like the application, well deserve it.

Download | Luz España price, free universal version.