Used by two billion users around the world, WhatsApp online messaging will stop working for a large number of users. In fact, as of next May 31, the service will end its services for smartphones with operating services – such as iOS or Android – that are too old.

A measure that is not new. A first salvo was already carried out in autumn 2021 among WhatsApp users. Smartphones older than five years and which are equipped with versions prior to Android 4.1 and iOS 10 have thus been excluded from the new updates.

WhatsApp might soon stop working on your phone

About fifty older models are affected: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Lenovo A820, ZTE V956, Huawei Ascend D2, Ascend G740, Ascend Mate, Faea F1, Archos 53 Platinum, HTC Desire 500, Samsung Galaxy Trend Lite, Galaxy Trend II, Xperia M, Wiko, Cink Five, Darknight, THL W8, ZTE Grand X, Quad v987, Grand Memo, Grand S Flex, LG Lucid 2, Optimus F7, Optimus L7II, Optimus F6, Optimus L4 II Dual, Optimus L2 II and Optimus F3Q.

How do I know if I am affected?

The service has a habit of limiting access to smartphones deemed obsolete. A first sorting had been carried out in the fall of 2021, users of smartphones over five years old equipped with versions prior to Android 4.1 and iOS 10 were excluded from the new updates. They were, however, able to continue using the service, despite some bugs.

The only way to escape exclusion is to update your system. To know the version of this one, you have to go to the phone settings. If it’s not the most recent, just download it.

Why you may no longer have WhatsApp from May 31

After planned obsolescence, here comes download obsolescence. From Tuesday, May 31, WhatsApp will get a makeover by launching a new version of the application. This update will be incompatible with older versions of Android and iOS.

If the company has got into the habit of sorting through the smartphones capable of accessing its application by discarding the versions, this time it is a large number of its 2 billion users who will be affected.

As of last November, an update had excluded devices dating back more than 5 years. Phones with versions earlier than Android 4.1 and iOS 10 could still use the app, but without the ability to update it. They will no longer have access to WhatsApp from tomorrow.

As for the novelties of the application, they will allow reading outside the conversation, a preview of the draft or even the memorization of the reading.

WhatsApp is coming out today: full list of phones to replace

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From this Tuesday, you will no longer be able to access WhatsApp if you have these smartphone models

Every year, smartphone models become incompatible with updates to the WhatsApp application. From this Tuesday, some users of versions considered obsolete will no longer be able to have access to messaging.

All of these models, i.e. several dozen, are affected: Apple iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, Lеnоvо А820, ZТЕ V956, Нuаwеі Аѕсеnd D2, Аѕсеnd G740, Ascend Mate, Fаеа F1, Аrсhоѕ 53 Рlаtіnum, Нііnum 500, ѕаmѕung gаlахy тrеnd lіtе, Galaxy Trend II, Galaxy S3 Mini, Galaxy Xcover 2, Gаlахy а sheet 2, Gаlахy Соrе, саtеrріllаr, саt В15, ѕоny хреrіа м, wіkso v987, Grand Memo, Grand S Flex, LG Luсіd 2, Optimus F7, Optimus L3 II Dual, Optimus F5, Optimus L5 II Dual, Optimus L3 II, Optimus L7 II Dual, Optimus L7II, Optimus F6, Optimus L4 II Dual, Optimus F3, Optimus L4 II, Optimus L2 II, Optimus F3Q.

However, do not panic if you have these smartphones, no need to change. You just need to update it to be able to use WhatsApp again.

Conversely, if you have the iOS10 or Android 4.1 version, it should work without requiring any intervention on your part.

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