Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus – Unlock python straps, fists of thunder, butcher and improvements

After about two thirds of the game, BJ has a choice of three combat mods, with which you can reach new areas and adjust your approach within a level. They also bring perks with them, passive skills that are worth unlocking.

You will get one of these three combat mods by yourself during the course of the story. When it comes to speed, we recommend that you choose the runners first, because they can only be unlocked after the Venus mission. The other two can be found on a machine commander mission in Manhattan and New Orleans. Before doing this, however, you have to talk to a quest giver on the hammer fist who will inform you about where the improvements are.

To find them, it’s worth holding the button that marks your goals.

Unlock battlemen: Talk to Barbara Casey in the large central room of Hammerfist, just north of Grace’s cabin. It is available after visiting Venus for the first time. Returns to the transport hall area on Venus as part of the machine commander’s mission (machine commander M. Rademaker).

Unlock improvement for the battler: After the mission “A new suit” at the latest, Irina Yakova in the south of Hammerfist wants you to calm down her confused friend Mr. Stubbins, who is holed up behind microwave emitters. He is delusional and in desperate need of his medication. Whenever microwave emitters are in your way, there is a nearby opportunity to climb a higher level with the warriors. At the end of this obstacle course, all you have to do is through the hole in the ceiling to get to stubbins. Avoid another microwave trap and you can knock him out by pressing the interaction button in front of him.

The improvement Endurance boost will then be activated. From now on, overloaded health will not wane until the point at which you take damage for the first time since overloading.

Unlock python straps: Speak to Huey Parks on Hammerfist. He informs you that the python belts are in the nuclear bunker district of Manhattan. You can unlock them in the machine commander mission Lars Klinger. Near the end of the mission, near Klinger’s post, you’ll find her on the back wall of the bunker, near a mounted gun.

Unlock improvement for python straps: Speak to Habib Ismail in the southwest of Hammerfist. There is a gas leak in section 66e that you should close. Simply squeeze your way through the numerous pipes towards your goal, kill a few guard dogs with the ax and at the end you get the “Iron Lung” upgrade.

The Iron lung causes BJ to stay longer in narrow cracks because he is holding his breath longer. Useful if you want to be particularly clandestine and have to watch the patrol routes of enemies.

Unlock Thunder Fists: Talk to Lucien Woolrich upstairs in the main hall. He tells you that the Thunderfists can be found in New Orleans. To do this, go to Bienville Street to kill machine commander Daniel Eckstein. Also known as “the Butcher of Boston”.

You can’t miss the Thunderfists. Just follow the sewer to a grate that you can’t get through, but you have to (see picture). To the left are the thunder fists. Put them on and with a sprint you can break through such bars from now on. Incidentally, this also works with human enemies, who turn into a cloud of blood when you rush through them like an express train. A worthwhile upgrade that you should activate as early as possible.

Unlock Improvement for Thunder Fists: Speak to Ritva in the west of the Hammerfaust near the large freight elevator. Clear the obstacles for them in the basement with the thunder fists and you will receive the perk mechanic.

This upgrade is impressive, because the Mechanic perk ensures that your armor regenerates automatically.

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