World of Tanks: Season 3 Battle Pass available

  • The Battle Pass for Season 3 in World of Tanks is now available
  • The heavy American T110E5 and the mobile Soviet IS-4 take center stage
  • There is also a paid Battle Pass with better rewards

The Battle Pass for Season 3 in World of Tanks is available now.

With the Battle Pass for the third season you go on the hunt for two new combat vehicles with “spectacular 3D styles” and other extras.

“This season, the focus is on the heavy American T110E5 and the surprisingly mobile IS-4, a Soviet combat monster,” it says.

According to Wargaming, the two Tier X tanks “leave a lasting impression” on the battlefield and also earn more progression points than their competitors, which of course makes them effective for progress in the new Battle Pass.

“Commanders who complete all Battle Pass levels will not only be rewarded with a new crew member, but will also receive a unique 3D style for one of the two new combat vehicles that will significantly change the look.”

You will receive in-game extras and cosmetic rewards for completing each Battle Pass level, and an upgraded Battle Pass is available to purchase “to get the best possible rewards for each level and both 3D styles” . This can be purchased at any time during the current season.

The third season will run until December 8, 2020 on PC and Mac, you need at least one vehicle of level VI or higher in your fleet for the Battle Pass.

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