Blizzard announced a few hours ago that the next expansion of World of Warcraft, baptized as Battle for Azeroth It is now available for all users to pre-purchase. In addition, many more details of this great expansion have been known. Let’s see them.

Battle for Azeroth will be available to all users in Summer 2018.

In this way, we have known that all players who pre-purchase Battle for Azeroth, Starting today, you can begin your journey to recruit four of the new allied races that will be available in the future expansion. As many of you will know, each of these races represents those already seen in the Broken Isles and Argus, in “Legion”, the previous expansion of the game.

In this sense, if players can become familiar with an allied race by completing missions and gaining reputation, players will be able to create new characters of that same race with which to embark on a new adventure along the Azeroth region.

The Alliance Players they will be able to enlist in their ranks the shadowy «void elves»And the brave«lightforged draenei«. On the other hand, members of the horde they will recruit noblemen to their cause «highmountain tauren»And to«Ancient Nightborne«. In addition, we have known that there will be more allied races available in the future.

In another vein, pre-purchase of this new World of Warcraft expansion also includes a instant character level rise until 110, so that players can enjoy the new expansion ready to fight on the front lines of the impending war.

For those who do not know it, the new expansion of Battle for Azeroth, brings a whole new dimension to the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance in World of Warcraft. Additionally, there will be a new continent to explore for each faction and new gaming experiencessuch as New Allied Races, Random Island Expeditions, and large-scale war fronts.

Do you feel like fighting for Azeroth? Whose side are you on?