World of WarCraft: Patch 1.12 is the basis for WoW Classic

Blizzard has decided which version of World of WarCraft will be the basis for WoW Classic.

As the company announces, it is patch 1.12, also called Drums of War. The reason? Because version 1.12 “represents the most complete version of the classic gaming experience”.

The Classic phase at World of WarCraft lasted two years and included a large number of changes and additions, for example the Battlegrounds.

Patch 1.12 also added the cross-realm battlegrounds. Current features such as transmogrification or achievements are not included.

In the post, Blizzard discusses how much work it took to create an internally executable version of Patch 1.12.

“Our initial attempts resulted in some (expected) problems: the game crashed, did not recognize our modern graphics cards and was not compatible with the current login system,” it says.

Likewise, the game did not work with the current security and anti-cheat measures. This is exactly what Blizzard wants to offer and integrate WoW Classic into

A release date is still pending.

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