In an unusual way, British parents tried to persuade their GTA-dependent seedling to stop playing for at least some time.

From the United Kingdom, which has just left the European Union, there has been a rather absurd police news, which, when read, inevitably raises a few questions. It so happened that Lancashire police stopped a car circling in a parking lot with a minor child, just 11 years old, behind the wheel.

While all of this in itself is eye-catching, it would not yet give us a reason to report the case, but the reasoning with which the adult companion came up made it downright mandatory. As a prelude to the story, the said 11-year-old lurking, to put it mildly, slipped onto the GTA (exactly which Grand Theft Auto episode wasn’t revealed in the police tweet), constantly playing with it on PlayStation.

The driver of this car was 11 years old … (yes, eleven!) A family member was fed up with the child playing Grand Theft Auto all day on the Playstation, so brought him out to practice driving on a car park in Blackpool. .. The adult has been reported for traffic offenses. # T2TacOps

– Lancs Road Police (@LancsRoadPolice) March 1, 2020

And satisfying family members preferred to let him drive the car a bit because he wasn’t sitting in front of the screen until then. Surprisingly, the proceedings were initiated against the parent solely for traffic violations, and there was no question of endangering the minor. It’s good that they weren’t taken to a sharp shooting right away or robbed a bank with it just to please him.

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