Originally released in 2004, World of Warcraft has changed a lot over the years. Not only did Blizzard fix bugs, it brought new content and system changes with the arrival of update patches and expansions. There have been so many changes that, when entering WoW Classic, some players are having difficulties in differentiating what are bugs and what are the game’s own systems.

Since the classic version is based on the state of the MMO in August 2006, when patch 1.12 was active, there is a lot different. It was easier to reach the tauren, sitting could disable some combat effects and, instead of question marks, the quests used points as a form of identification.

List clarifies what is not a bug

In response to the problems that many players are facing with the World of Warcraft Classic Beta, Blizzard has released a list that makes it clear what is not a bug within the game. Among the different characteristics of the game is the resurgence rate of creatures on the map and the fact that, under the right circumstances, you can use spells and attacks in regions that normally prohibit this.

Although many players may find this defective (and some of them have actually been eliminated by the developer), the classic version of the game will keep these features unchanged. Blizzard’s intention is to preserve the memory of the past, allowing both “old time” players to have fun and showing living proof of how much the game has evolved over the years.

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