It would be difficult to talk about World of Warcraft without mentioning its frantic efforts to try to stay up to date, at least visually speaking. Almost 18 years after its official release, the game nevertheless continues to adapt to modern video game standards by natively integrating several “addons”ultimately allowing you to customize your interface as you see fit without resorting to these third-party features: from the action bars to the mini-map, many elements have been redesigned and now look much more modern than ever! And it was time!

This trend towards modernization is also felt in the various menus which have also undergone a serious overhauleven completely rethinking one of the most important elements of each player’s style of play: talent trees ! In Dragonflight, you have to say goodbye to the few false choices that you were offered until then to open up to huge talent trees offering multiple ways to customize your playstyle. In return, certain “iconic” techniques for each class are removed from the basic skills and integrated into these treesin addition to many other powers lost in previous expansions: legendary powers, set bonuses, Azerite powers…

In the absence of effective means of gauging the viability of a particular talent, the bet seems very successful. Although most of the talents we are offered have already been present in the game in the past one way or another, the fact ofhaving all these powers available at the same time makes the game particularly interesting and even surprising at times thanks to a serious feeling of power (even during the leveling phase)! A risky bet which, we hope, will allow everyone to do well by seeking out the little talent that makes them unique.

Unleash the power of the Dracthyrs

It’s hard to talk about Dragonflight without mentioning the new race and class association of this extension: the Evocative Dracthyr. Completely exclusive to each other, this race and class offer a new way to approach the game thanks to a new mechanic: Evocationschanneled spells that you can choose to unleash whenever you want after a more or less long incantation and whose effects vary according to the duration of the channeling.

The handling of this new class did not seem very natural to us at first sight. However, after giving it a little chance the conclusion is there: it is full of small subtleties friendly who make it relatively nervous to play without falling into the excess of the Demon Hunter. Able to perform double jumps and even of hoverthe Evocative Dracthyr wears mail armor and wants to “semi-remote”. Understand here thathe fights and heals about fifteen meters from his opponents and alliesusing magic from World of Warcraft’s core dragonflights to stop his enemies from moving and smash them to pieces.

The Evoker has two specializations: Devastation (damage) and Preservation (healing). Both offer very distinct possibilities, each having talents making him a great slow and powerful caster inflicting heavy area damage or healing his allies extensively in the areas he targets, or playing on its impressive mobility and versatility to walk around his enemies and stay close to your allies by negating the damage they take through the magic of Time.

A particularly interesting class of which we can already see the potential limits, but also multiple and very serious advantages. One thing is almost certain: the Evocative Dracthyr has absolutely nothing to do with the idea you had of it until then!

In the heart of the Dragon Islands

Among the more “classic” novelties introduced into the game by Dragonflight, there are of course and above all a new continent, the Dragon Islands, made up of 5 new areas. We were only able to get our hands on the third, the span of azureand it is obvious from the outset thatdraws inspiration largely from some of the most iconic elements from the Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm expansions.

In this huge area probably unmatched in sizewe find some well-known protagonists, the Roharts of Northrend for example, but also antagonists that we did not necessarily expect to see around, the Gnolls notably ! The evolution is pleasant and relatively fast (about three hours for the main storyline, taking your time), and if the first quests struggle to put us in the mood we quickly get caught up in the game by discovering quite surprising and interesting fan-service… But that, we let you discover for yourself!

But, if it houses the heart of the Blue Dragonflight, the Travée d’Azur also offers a rather surprising amount of diverse and varied landscapes : from the dark forest of huge trees to the pestilential swamps to the snowy confines and steep mountains, it is ultimately several mini-zones in one that are offered. A very appreciable variety, especially since‘she is not all in verticality as you might expect: the ascent is complex without flying, but it remains doable and even relatively pleasant on the ground !

A lively and powerful ally

Finally, it seems crucial to us to present one of the major new features of this ninth expansion: the Dragon Ride ! This new system is actually again the revamp of another aging system: that of flying mounts.

Whereas so far you just had to fly from point A to point B without worrying about much, in Dragonflight you have to pay attention to the fatigue of your mount to be able to keep altitude but also speed during your gliding sessions. Thanks to the energy, the vigor, it is so possible to order your mount to perform certain actions that will help you achieve these goals. But beware : only high-speed flight or landing and walking allow you to regain this energy. Once exhausted, the mount gradually loses speed until it has to land for a short break well deserved.

This new operation and highly anticipated is made complex enough for those used to flying since The Burning Crusade’but ‘we lend ourselves quite quickly to the game by looking for the highest peaks from which to dive in order to reach our destination as quickly as possible.

This little effort is well worth it: movement speed of flying mounts can now reach 950% (against 310% so far) if you master your dragon to perfection. Enough to encourage you to learn how to control air currents and spend time flying at high speed over the landscapes of this new territory.

World of Warcraft: the next expansion removes gender options to create a character

“Dragonflight” is the name of the ninth expansion of the famous MMORPG World of Warcraft planned for this year. Recently, publisher Blizzard announced new changes to its popular online game, particularly regarding inclusivity.

It is particularly at the level of the character creator that changes are to be noted. Indeed, the so-called “gendered” options will be removed, it will no longer be possible to choose between a “man” body and a “woman” body. Instead, you will have to choose between “Body 1” and “Body 2” and this will be valid for humans as well as orcs, taurenes, etc.

The changes will surely not only be in physical appearance. There should also be options for custom pronouns by which players want to be called (he, she, they) in-game, by NPCs for example. These will be completely decorrelated from the previously mentioned appearance choices.

World of Warcraft takes another step towards inclusivity for its players

The future expansion of World of Warcraft has just entered without its closed alpha period and the first information about it is beginning to reach us. While the majority of its content remains secret for the time being, a little surprise hidden in the game’s interface comes reveal Blizzard’s ambitions for inclusivity.

It was in the character creation menu that some players made this discovery. From now on, it is no longer a question of choosing between a male or a female body for your future avatar, the options given now show “Body 1” and “Body 2”. The change is text-only and takes place in the creative interface as well as the in-game hairstylist. .”

A customization overhaul is on the way

This addition is only a first step, but it’s reassuring to see Blizzard taking the lead in make World of Warcraft a welcoming universe for all. A build or a physique are not representative of the genre and it is important to distinguish this in video games. After all, we are dealing here with a fantasy universe with limitless possibilities and we must find this creative dimension in the customization options.

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