World of Warcraft is coming with a series of news by Blizzard this Wednesday (15)! In the new wave of content called Rise of Azshara, the famous MMORPG gained cinematics starring Saurfang and Thrall as well as new locations, an unprecedented raid and a new essence mechanic to give players powerful abilities soon.

Check out the cinematics that show a new development in the history of Warcraft with the reappearance of a figure of great impact in the Horde.

In all, the news coming soon to World of Warcraft with the Rise of Azshara update are as follows:

  • Nazjatar: a new location will be released for players, revealing the submerged capital that was once commanded by Queen Azshara.
  • New raid: the Eternal Palace of Azshara will be the new stage for epic battles for players who will need to face a series of bosses and challenges in the most diverse aquatic environments.
  • Machagon: a new city that will allow players to interact with the environment, collect resources and participate in exclusive forays such as Operation: Mechagon, a “mega-dungeon” that will work similarly to a raid, but for five players.
  • Essences: a new progression section will be unlocked for players with the Heart of Azeroth containing powerful spells and more customization options for your character.
  • Mounting equipment: customization is also coming for mounts, who will now be able to receive skills such as walking on water, protection from negative status and more.
  • War content: new PvP arenas, Battle for Azeroth season three, and the continuation of the War Campaign.

All content has yet to arrive, but Blizzard may detail this point very soon for players and fans. In addition, last Tuesday (14), Blizzard also unveiled a series of new features for the World of Warcraft Classic, including the start of a Beta phase today, a new collector’s edition for the game and a release date for the classic version.

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