WoW Legion Companion app now available

World of warcraft launches its new app for Android mobiles: WoW Legion Companion. An app with which Blizzard wants to go one step further in its MMO game and achieve an even more immersive feeling for the player.

The WoW Legion Companion app complements the game experience

It is an application that complements the experience of the game that the player has. What does this mean? Well, with this app we will not be able to play remotely from the mobile or tablet, but it is an add-on, which gives relevant information and allows you new ways of interacting with it.

We detail a list with all the news that it incorporates:

  • Once you synchronize your account, the application will show you different essential parameters in the game.
  • You will be able to consult the available missions of the world.
  • You will be able to see the active rewards, something very useful to choose the moment in which to do the mission according to the reward that is offered.
  • As each player has a headquarters according to their class, we can choose these missions regardless of our location at that time.
  • We can directly get our rewards.
  • It allows us to see the status of our followers and manage the team.
  • It allows us to recruit troops if we are going to face complicated missions.

This new app will allow us to control the game more easily and interact better with it, and of course, we will avoid many unnecessary trips. In short, it allows us to make better use of our time in the game, wherever we are in it.

We leave you the WoW Legion Companion app link so that you download it and you can get the most out of World of Warcraft Legion.

See you exploring the Broken Isles! Of course with World of Warcraft Legion, Blizzard It has revitalized its MMO and has managed to get all the players who had abandoned it, to re-engage in this impressive role-playing game.

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